Managing a sub 3 with hamstring issues

I'm 6 weeks into my garmin training program and I have developed an occasional twang from my hamstring this issue has plagued me since doing brighton in april. There are days I can fly along and others my legs simply wont co-operate any advice apart from rest for 4 weeks would be good, if I rest for 4 weeks chances are my dublin place goes to waste .... if the hammy goes pop they will repair it but at lease I'll know I gave it a good shot.

best marathon time to date was brighton 2012  (3:11)


  • At the moment your hamstring it strained and may rupture during a race. If it ruptures thats much worse and may very well result in you never getting a sub-3 hour time.  Can you honestly say you wouldnt be tempted to carry on running the race if this happened?

    Professional careers have been ended by such things Yes they are still able to run but a weak spot is created that simply cannot take the strain of competition again.

    Best to go to a physio see what they say and do it.

  • Funny you should say about one rupturing a friend of mine had hers go at London this year I don't really want that to happen, so I guess physio is the way to go she did carry on and finish but not near her target.
  • Richard, if you decide to give Dublin a miss this time, I am looking for an entry. I know trading race numbers is frowned upon. But would be better than having it going to waste. Let me know.  Cheers  John Kenny.

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