Polar HRM replacement.

My trust old Polar HRM has gave up the ghost. It seems to be the chest strap monitor thats died and the warranty is out. Does anyone know of a cheapish heart rate monitor I could replace it? It's pretty beat up, the watch is scratched to hell too.

I can't afford anything over £70 really.image


  • sure it's not just the strap battery that's died??  that's pretty common and it can be replaced pretty easily although some models have sealed batteries I believe 

    check with the Polar website - they will give info on repairs or service

  • my polar strap performs very erratically too - try washing the strap in warm water, lightly sanding the pin connections and replacing the battery before you shell out for a new one.  One other idea is to get some electrode jelly (KY will do you, er, might have some about the house...) and use that on the connections

  • I took the back off the chest strap, can't seem to find a battery to fit, might stop in at a watch repair shop and see if they have one. I've been cleaning the strap pretty regularly, I'll take a look at the connections, ta. image

  • ask for a CR 2032

    god that sounds geeky

  • sadly - I know that the CR2032 is the one needed as well.   but then that does seem to fit an awful lot of battery driven sports equipment so I tend to have a few lying around the house at any time.....  image

  • Lol FatBuddah - i make myslef smile sometimes when i realise how geeky ive become. It's a stealth process starting with encyclopedic battery identification but in more severe cases manifests as extended knowledge of the best video drivers for home video editing as was the case with me last week. (Nvidia GT610 if you're wondering)

  • I've changed both the battery in my HRM battery and the watch itself, the former many times over.


    Its very easy to get hold of replacement batteries, Sainsburys, Tescos, even Boots sell the batteries, taking off the cover is easy, just use a 2p coin to coil the cover off and flick out the battery with a pen/cocktail stick/anything you see fit and swap the batteries. There are many, many youtube videos on how to do this.


    If your still having problems, maybe think about getting a replacement strap, they can be bought from all the same places that sell the HRM itself. Far cheaper then a replacement HRM itself.

  • A couple of years ago i got watch part serviced by Polar and a new cheststrap, cant recall the price but it was far cheaper than buying new.

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