Beginners training plan - ok?

So here's my plan with a half marathon coming in October. Im 28 and 11 and a half stone

Mon-Easy Run Tue-Aerobic class (or kettleball) Wed-Strength (gym work) Thurs(Off) Fri-Hard Run Sat-Spin Sun-Log run

My easy and hard runs will be on a treadmill and my long run outdoors. Any thoughts?


  • Why are you doing easy and hard runs on a treadmill, time or choice?

    If I had further option I would add another run midweek  .. say on Wednesday

    What distances are you up to at the moment, what is your weekly mileage?

  • Just started running really having played football previously. I'm doing about 12 miles a week and the runs on treadmills are choice really. If I fit another run in on Wednesday I won't have a day off, I don't mind as I want to make sure I'm ready for the half marathon but would it be a problem not to have a day off?
  • Do you not have Thursday off ?

  • Oh yes I do but I really think I need a day for doing squats etc as well which would be my strength day
  • Can you not do an easy run prior to your squats?

  • yes thats true, i probably to a 3 mile run and then a strength work out on wednesday. Other than that does it looks like a good plan for going longer distances and building speed etc? My hard run will include intervals as well i think

  • Honestly, for a half marathon you really need to increase your weekly mileage. I'd say 25 miles a week would be bare minimum if you want to chug round. If you want a competent time you should work upto 35 miles+ over the next two months.

    As for treadmill running, I don't really rate it as much preparation for a road race, let alone a half marathon. They flatter and deceive. I'd keep your Monday easy run and see if you can work it up to 8 miles over the weeks, but do it outside on the road.

    As for your spinning class and aerobics class, I'd imagine they'll be of some benefit......but easy running would probably be better, How difficult is the spinning class? Sandwiching it between your hard run and long run might not be too wise.

    As for your hard run, how long is it and at what pace?

    Also, I'm concerned that your long run is not long at all if you are only running 12 miles a week in total! You could do with building your long run up to at least race distance (but don't run it at race pace!!!).

    As for your weights session. I was a big weights junkie, but have reduced my session to once a week and have reduced all exercises to the 12-20 rep range so as not to have any unnecessary bulk. Your age is obviously young and your weight spot on for should do well with a bit of dedication and amendments to your weekly schedule.

    Perhaps google a beginners 2 month half marathon training plan?

  • So maybe 2 easy runs a hard run and a long run totalling 35+? At first do I just need to do the miles as I'm worried I won't get much speed on the longer runs? Is it just about clocking up the miles at first and should I just go at a slow pace?
  • At this stage mileage is most important. The usual rule of thumb is don't exceed more than 10% mileage increase on your previous week. So if you start this week looking for 15 miles you shouldn't be far off 35 miles a week by late October. However, you are young, not overweight and you are a keen gym user. You might get away with a little more than a 10% increase week by week.

    But yes work towards 2 easy runs and a long run weekly (all at easy pace.....conversational, where you could chat to a training partner). A harder effort would probably be fine too, I'd recommend a tempo run.....comfortably hard, nothing too fast, harder than or two word answer pace. By mid October you should be looking at something like:

    Monday: Easy 8 miles

    Wednesday: Tempo 4-5 miles

    Friday: Easy/recovery 8 miles

    Sat/Sunday: Long easy 13 miles

    But don't do any hard sessions near your tempo or long run efforts.....spinning/squats etc.

    Best of luck.



  • Thanks thats great info. I am struggling to see where to fit the spin and strength in there. I have heard its very important for running so maybe I could do it after the tempo run or on the same day as the recovery run

    How do people fit strength and marathon training in??
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