Does anyone have any tips or guidlines for using weights to help running training? At this stage i have purchased dumbells and just wondered if there was some good exercises to aid running?

Thanks for your help



  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Weights to help running training......

    It depends on what distance your running and at what level your competing

    If you're a health and fitness 10k/HM runner looking to improve then spend the time running more miles.

    if your an ambitious MD runner looking to significantly improve your 800m/1500m times then its worthwhile spending sometime on weights. Try reading "Training Distance Runners" by Coe and Martin....forward by Seb Coe.
  • Thoroughly agree KK, and that goes double for "older" runners.

  • Ok great thanks,

    Run 10k and halfs mainly.

    I have found some bits on google.


    Thanks again image 

  • squats are the runners best friend i started squatting with a barbel on my back 3 months ago and I felt all the niggles of running disappear and i havent had any again, squatting 65kg now and feel great!

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