Half marathons and running buggies

Hi - am looking to do a spring half marathon in London/SE somewhere and would ideally like to take part with the baby in a running buggy. 

I know I can parkrun with the buggy, but does anyone know of any 10 milers/half marathons which permit you to do so? I tried Paddock Wood HM who said no (I guess its too crowded and they say their insurance doesnt cover it) - am looking to get back into it post baby and would like to get something in the diary! thank you


  • Did you find any , my partner and I have the same issue now?

  • Hi - the people at nice work were really helpful when i called and said they had details for each of their individual events as to whether a buggy would be permitted and that they would contact anyone they needed to confirm if they didn't know. They thought some of their events do so I would try them first (as all the ones I asked like paddock wood, Brentwood etc said no).


    Parkrun incidentally is brilliant with a buggy - why more events can't be like that I don't know. Pre baby we took part in a number of events in California and its common practice to take part with a buggy.

    I appreciate that it would be annoying to have buggies in the thick of the pack, but I was perfectly happy to start at the back, not get a time or anything, just wanted to make it a family day out!

    Anyway, happy running and any questions, do ask!
  • I've run over 500 races pushing a disabled man ( my son ) in his wheelchair,

    ok, before i started running with him, i was a highly expereinced marathon runner- but i've had, and still have loads of hurdles to overcome getting into races

    i ve always sent our or my CV to race directors, - making it clear what ive done and in what time, making it clear i have little intention of getting stuck in the thick of thousands of runners -  though its not that difficult

    we run mostly at the back, using extreme caution, and work our way through, when gaps safely appear - or go from front, a few minutes ahead, then as the stretched out pack passes - they do so with safety

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