Technical Support Please!


I have a place for Ironman Austria next year (my first I'Man distance).  I am going to use the Don Fink 30 week training schedule which is heart rate and time based.

I have a Garmin 405CX which I use for running but I have never used the heart rate monitor.  I am planning to dig it out the box this weekend and start playing with it.  Any tips would be really helpful.

For the bike, I would be grateful for any recommendations.  I imagine it would be easier to buy a bike specific Garmin?  Any thoughts appreciated!  I see there is an  Edge 800 with heart rate monitor (v pricey!).  Do you think it is worth it?



  • No point IMO in buying another garmin if you have a 405

    If you are using a HRM then you will need to be familiar with your zones

    You will need to do a max test in order to start with your zones, you'll like that .. its fun !!

    ENjoy Austria, its a lovely course !

  • Jumping on the thred image sorry TT  

    I've used my HR monitor (garmin 305) all the way through my  last years training  whilst on the bike and whilst running.(taken no notice of the data really) Could I use the max HR that I have recorded in that period to calculate my fink zones, i've raced and done various interval, hill sessions speed work ect in that period with the running club.

  • Its always worth redoing a Max HR test ...make sure that your zones are current

  • What She said.

    I'd find myself a Parkrun nearby and beast a 5k until I threw up at the end. That gives a fairly good MHR for running.

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