Which wheels?



  • This thread has made me investigate what wheel bearings actually are - bit by bit I'm learning my way around a bike image. Cheers all!

  • Cougie,
    They are the stock wheels on a Specialized Allez Elite, branded as DT Swiss, I believe. Here's what is a bit frustrating: hang the bike up and tap the wheel round. Tick tick tick stop. My knackered touring bike is 30 years old, but has got Campag hubs. I've never been into them, and there's no need. Tap them and they still go tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick until you get bored and make a coffee. When you come back they are gently swaying too and fro based on the extra weight of the valve. There's no way in God's planet that I will have paid a fortune as a student.

  • Just to add to the mix i have had these on my roadbike for the last 2 years


    They get great reviews the hubs still spin forever and they are nice n light so spin up very quickly

    I am a fan of all things PX having 2 of their bikes but i know 2 people who brought the carbon/alu clinchers and both are nit wowed apparently in the rain the carbon fairing retains water so yhey become very heavy and my nates are very rattly on less than smooth roads he thinks its where the spokes pass through the carbon fairing?

    Never had either ptoblem with my deep dish PX carbon tubs wheels which i love
  • I think all deep rims take on water. My Mavics did and my mates expensive FFWD wheels do too.
  • cougie wrote (see)
    I think all deep rims take on water. My Mavics did and my mates expensive FFWD wheels do too.

    What Cougie said. The rattle is more likely the valve or extender rattling on the carbon fairing. Clearance is tigher there than on the spoke holes.

  • I can follow the logic there, both for the rattle and for the deep rims taking on water. Logically, it would appear that the maintenance task necessary would be to deflate the tyre and just let it out after a wet ride. There's no point having expensive/light wheels and adding aqua-ballast!

  • There should be very small drainage holes in the rims. I know the PX have them. If you leave that at the bottom of the bike - they drain in a few mins or so.

    I remember doing the Vitruvian tri a few years back on deep rims - it peed down all day long and my wheels filled up.- I think I'd go with conventional rims if the conditions were like that again !
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