Zero drop

Inov-8 Bare X lite or New Balance Minimus?

Anyone wearing one or both of these that can give me their views


  • I have to say I love the New Balance Minimus range. I have the road zeros, and the 4mm for the trails. I find the road zeros great for anything up to 10k. And I've done ultras in the mt10, my favourite running shoe.

  • Why only up to 10K ?

  • Because they're quite extreme for me, and that's only as far as I have built up.

  • What shape are your feet? I tried on the NB Minimus and found them much too narrow (pity because I wnted to be able to wear them) - but then I like the VivoBarefoot Neos (nice and wide, particularly in the toe box).

  • Probably more like yours. I would say more on the wide side - definately not narrow. I wear Brooks Cadence at the moment (Mizuno Wave Inspires before that). I looked at the neos - the upper fabric doesn't look great on photos, anyway.

  • Not sure what your problem is with the fabric. I've found the Neos comfortable, including occasionally without socks. Ran NDW50 in the trail version recently and they were fine (with socks). Note that there's the version with the Airmesh upper (which does get grubby easily) or the alternative version with the hydrophobic upper which cleans up really easily (as I discovered after running through ankle-deep mud).

  • So which one is the normal road shoe?

  • The one with the "V" of hexagons on the side about 1/3 of the way from the back, and the hexagonal pattern on the sole. That's the one that comes in both Airmesh and hydrophobic upper (used to only be made with the airmesh upper); I think it's now labelled as "all terrain".

    The proper trail version with the V-shaped lugs on the sole and the zigzag pattern on the side (plus the V near the front) just comes in the hydrophobic upper, as far as I know. I've been getting mine cheaply from but I think they're nearly out of them now.

  • I have to say I'm quite excited about the New Balance Hi-Rez, but I don't think they're out for quite a while. Just ordered a new pair of mt10s, after putting around 800 - 1000 miles into my last pair.

  • Yes, those are the road/multi-terrain Neos, with hydrophobic upper. Looks like they're no longer offering the original Airmesh. The hydrophobic upper is slightly lighter weight as well as being easier to clean (but not waterproof). Fine for road and for light/dry trails, but i wouldn't like to wear them for more technical trails/slippery mud

    The trail version is e.g.

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