My First 10k

Hi all,

I've got my first 10K coming up this Sunday - I'd really like to break the 45 minute barrier. That might seem a bit on the fast side for a first timer, but I'm 24 & relatively fit from other sports.

I know that this equates to a 7:14 minute mile pace - I was wondering if anyone could take a quick look at my runkeeper profile, see if that looks like a realistic goal. I really have no idea. I've been training for this for the last month with the 45 minute time in mind, now that it's arriving, I'm a bit nervous! My miles per week has been between 20-30, with the last 2 weeks being 41 and 32 respectively.

Here's my profile:

My max HR I'd assume is around 190 (resting 43). I ran 6 miles this morning steady at 7:42 pace - I think I can kick it up but I have no point of reference. I did a 5K last month in around 21:30-22 minutes (depending on how accurate my GPS was).

Does race day really allow you to kick up the pace?


  • I would always advise pushing the pace in the second half of the run, try and just do some decent solid work in the first half and see how you feel. On your first race it's a bit easy to get carried away and go off like a rocket and run yourself out of the second half.

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