Returning to running...very bad cramp. Advice please!

Hi All,

I have recently got back into running. For several reasons I took a year or so off (with a few miles every few weeks, but not as much as usual). Previous to this, I was a frequent half marathon runner, and running 30+ miles a week.

I am currently experiencing a very odd problem. After several miles, both my legs (mostly the right) completely cramp up. It starts gradually and then totally cramps to the point where walking is the only option. It is very frustrating; I am not particularly tired when it happens, and could certainly keep running.

I am not over training, and eat the right foods etc. I drink plenty of water during the day, and stretch before a run.

Any ideas to prevent this? I have a race in a few months, and really don't want to harm my training.

Thank you all so much.



  • The only thing I can think of is lactic acid built up. But I'm not sure how that would fit in with you drinking enough water. Maybe you could be taking on too high mileage or need a sports drink?

    Hopefully one of the more experience runners on the forum could help, failing that it could be worth a chat with a GP or a sports therapist, but I know they are difficult to get a hold of.

    Best of luckimage

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