Food whilst running: savoury goodness!

Hello all,

Can anyone recommend something savoury that's easy to eat and digest when running?  I'm a Power Bar devotee but as my runs get longer (training for first marathon) I find I'm craving something that isn't sweet.

All suggestions gratefully received!


  • I've never ate whilst running, but on long cycle rides I've always found soreen a great option.
  • Not directly helping, but for my long runs, I eat nothing, and drink no sports drinks. I leave eating / refuelling for when I get home. From what I understand, by finishing your long runs low on glycogen, the body is stimulated to adapt it capacity to store more glycogen in the future.

    However, I am sure someone will be along to suggest a Gingsters pasty as you pass a BP 

  • Pretzels and/or twiglets. You can get both in small bags which are easy to carry. I've also known pork pies to be transported on runs, but you've got to have a pretty iron-clad digestion to be able to eat them during, rather than after.

  • Try polenta (dry fry till coloured about 5 mins) then add some water; honey and cinnamon and bake in oven for 20 mins. It's not sweet and takes some getting used to - you also have to adapt the water to your own prefered consistency (thicker or thinner). You can also add rasins/dates if you want but I would think that would be too sweet for you? If you make it thicker it can be put in plastic wrap and carried in pocket whilst running etc without it falling apart! Good luck.

    What about almonds or other nuts?

  • Nuts are OK, but they take a bit of digesting.  I might have a few salted cashews towards the end of a longer session.  Mini Cheddars are good.

  • Thank you for sharing!


  • I've found that the usual gels, beans etc really turn my stomach on my longest runs and marathons, so I crave something savoury too.

    My friend, who was taking a gel when we ran Snowdon together last October, nearly chucked when she saw me taking a Marmite sandwich out of my Camelback, but it worked for me !!!! It's my new secret weapon.
  • On long runs (20+ miles) I use fig rolls, malt loaf, pretzels, also pumpkin seeds mixed with raisins. During recent ultras I happily scoffed cheese sandwiches, cake and crisps at the aid stations. My favorite quick energy source is Kendal mint cake, not gels.

    A trick I learned recently is that if you suddenly feel low on energy, particularly on a hot day, it may be salt you need. I use Elete electrolytes in my water (no sugar, no sweetener, no flavourings - just electrolytes) and carry a 25mL bottle of the concentrate with me. I can squirt this into my mouth and follow it with some fluids and a piece of mint cake - I've found it very effective. Other people swear by S!Caps - same idea.

    When I first started increasing the length of my long runs I needed more fuel by about 75 minutes. A year later, I've noticed I rarely need to eat anything on training runs of less than 2 - 2.5 hours - but when racing a marathon or ultra I go by "eat early, eat often!"

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