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Hi, Hopefully this hasn't been done to death as when I used the search facility I couldn't find the answer or suitable response. Anyhow, for years Ive been wearing cheap ??30 running trainers and always spent this amount ( its the Scottish part of me!) I'd get the occasional shin splint but that's it. Couple of months ago I treated myself to some ??60 Adidas, they felt ok apart from having tingling sensation in my feet first thing in the mornings. I then tried some ??80 Nike trainers, well it felt like you were running on marshmallows and so comfy, but the days after, shin splints, pains in my feet. So, should I keep buying the cheap trainers or (as suggested by a mate) I need to get fitted, obviously this will cost. Has everyone had good experiences with being fitted for trainers or is it abit of a waste of time? Thanks for your time!


  • First - the search facility is pants, so no one worries about that much here. It's some kind of ninja art to use it.

    Gait analysis - some say it's good, some say it's bad. Some have been helped while others have been harmed. It shouldn't cost you anything if you go to sweatshop and they come highly recommended.

    Shin splints is a bit of a coverall term used for anything that resembles pain in your shins.
    It maybe that you are upping your mileage to quickly or that your running pace is too fast. Quite easy for someone who is reasonably fit.
    It maybe that you need to stretch after your runs, there's a lot of things that can cause shin splints so you'll need to do a large varity of exercises, also use a foam roller on your calves as tight calf muscles is a common culprit.

    Are your trainers the right size? It sounds as if they could be a tad on the tight size, that may explain the tingling, other things maybe that you are lacing them up too tightly.

    Are you doing most or all of your running on the road / pavement? Are there a ot of kills involved?

    You may need to run off road, on the flat at a much slower pace until your shin splints have improved. If they are bad, see a physio.

    Expensive does not always mean better. You may go for gait analysis but will not always be offered the most expensive shoe out there. You really just need to make up your own mind on this and it may mean buying a few pairsof shoes to see what you find best. If your old cheap trainers did it for you it could be worth sticking with them. You just need to be informed.


  • Thanks for taking the time to reply. There's a sweatshop in Bristol so I'll visit them.
  • Just re-read my reply. I hope that there are no kills involved in your running otherwise you are doing the wrong sort of running. I may have meant hills. Which isn't quite so exciting.

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