vitruvian bike course

Due to do Vitruvian in Sept.

I've looked at the course notes but won't get a chance to ride the route pre-race.

Anyone who has done this race or lives locally got any tips / suggestions?

Thanks! image


  • Ive done it a few times, if youre a beginner and not used to racing half distance, take it easy the first lap.

    There are some hills, theyre not massive but will catch you out 2nd lap if you push to hard on the first.  The course can also be windy some days and this makes a difference.

    Main hills are the Rutland Ripple (about mile 6 into the lap), this is 3 hills one after the other, the middle of the 3 is the hardest.  After this you take a left turn at a roundabout and its pretty much flat/gentle down hill for 5 or 6 miles, then it gets a bit more undulating. 

    It might help you to drive the course when you get to Rutland if you think this will help.

    The swim and the run are flat.

    Enjoy and good luck.

  • +1 with Barlist

    there's a tougher hill coming out of Ketton that you suddenly turn left onto just after a long flat fast section - that usually hurts.  but bar this and the Ripple, it's undulating with a couple of very short, out of saddle to keep speed up, type climbs.

    great race to do 

  • Thank you! Will try to drive it pre-race, as you suggest

  • There is also the long slow drag just before you get back onto the main road back to the Water Centre. Probably about 3-4 miles from the end of each lap
  • I think thats the one FB means, after the left turn at Ketton

  • the Ripple is the worst bit for hills, keep the speed up on the down hill and use the momentum to get up the next incline, the rest isn't really much to worry about. I loved the bike course because it was undulating, it wasn't boring and kept me on my toesimage

    Im quite looking forward to Sept.

  • i still recon it looks worse in a car than on a bike


  • think FB and schmunks means the long upflat - steadfold lane - the little sprints are around Empingham if your going to recce.

    its an excellent race, dont let the smell of duck shit put you off, think of it as natures way of waking you up in the morning ready for that swim.

    is there anyone camping? i got a tent this year - i wont have to sleep in my car image

  • i'm camping, just trying to blag a camping stove and kettle at the mo, Tent etc I have!

    I will be there after work on Friday!

  • Lovely ride on great road surfaces. Nice & fast. More worrying than the rolling terrain for me was the traffic on the eastern part of the route, where it goes through some cutesy villages. I think there may be speed cameras. One way or another, lots of cars seemed to jam on the brakes and crawl along at 20mph on stretches of road that you're gunning down. The rest is very enjoyable gateau.

  • they put a zebra/pelican crossing in one of the villages now - there was a cop and BTF guy at the dambuster tri the other month camped at it all race to make sure no one jumped it - prey to the green light god when approaching

  • be careful with the 20mph stretches - you might get DQ'd if you get caught going faster than that through them as happened to a guy at Dambuster last year.   it's a bit of a confusing area of the rules which states that you have to observe the Road Regulations at all times, but "technically" you cannot be done for speeding on a bike as speed limits only apply to mechanically powered vehicles (let's ignore the "furious cycling" legislation which tends to be for those going too fast AND being dangerous to other road users at the same time).  keep your eyes open for draftbusters or static marshals noting speeds on the sections.  better be safe than sorry!

  • Did the bike last year & doing it again this year & as others have said it's a course that has a bit of everything; some short, sharp out of the saddle climbs, some longer slow climbs, some undulating sections & some nice flats / descents where you can get the speed up!

    Definitely agree though not to push it too much on the first or those hills will bite on the second.  I was only doing relay last year (and unfortuantely again this year; damn injuries!) but because I thought I'd do my bit for the team I went like a bat out of hell right from the start so was really hurting the last 10-15 miles & consequently saw my breakfast again when I stopped, so will definitely be pacing myself a bit better this year!!

    With regards to speeding / tricky bits, the race briefing on the Saturday morning does cover this quite well & specific areas to watch out for, but def agree with the drafting comment as they popped up at random places all over the course!

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