First Triathlon on Sunday



  • Finish position 171/270 all entrants, 117/202 men, 13th v50.

    ie not quite last.

  • nowhere near last actually!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Well down Blisters! thats an absolutely cracking time! How did you find the transition between the bike and run?

    I think you should rephrase it - near the front not the back!

  • T2 transition? You know full well what that's like. Having just given the bike a damn hard thrashing, despite trying to "spin out the legs". It was a barrel of laughs. Like my thighs had just been worked over with a baseball bat.

    My base fitness is not back to where it once was, and the run was painful and slow. Kms felt like miles. I just ran to effort level with a JFDI mentality and an eye on the watch. The last km was actually the most enjoyable because it was steeply uphill and it was time to call on strength rather than leg speed.

  • Lol to the baseball bat analogy. I like that! Well done, great result.

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