Rowing machines ok for stress fracture rehab?

Hey guys.

Diagnosed with a mature stress fracture in my shins. While I'm out of running for 6 weeks,and not allowed to do any 'pounding' on them, just wondered if anyone had had any luck with using rowing machines to regain fitness or whether this is too much pressure on the shins?


  • i would say that rowing puts lots of pressure on the shins......

    have you looked at the running belts for use them in the swimming pool and they enable you to run on the deep is usually the best method of keeping fitness whilst out injured.

    obviously without expert knowledge on your specific fracture then i cannot say that its ideal for you.but worth you researching

  • I think it will depend on the rowing machine but your standard Concept 2 ergo would not be a good idea for the reasons seren nos points out.

    I've never heard of running belts but they sound a good idea, failing that swimming is excellent exercise, although I find it quite boring.

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