kenilworth half marathon

Hi we have a couple of places for the Kenilworth half marathon on 2nd september if anyone is interested as we are no longer able to run.

the race is now full so if you are interested please email at /forum/smilies/]



  • Hi Sarah, I've emailed you; hopefully you've received it image

  • I also have a spare entry for Kenilworth Half 2012 on Sunday 2nd September (race is now full). I entered ages ago but will now be away that week. Please message me if you're interested!

  • Two entriesfor Kenilworth Half Marathon available to transfer. I have run this for past two years (a well organised event, a lovely route), but am now away for that weekend.

    Please send me a message if you are interested.


  • Hi James

    Are the places still available for the Kenilworth Half Marathon? If so I am intrested in one of them .

    Regards Sandra

  • HI Anyone knows of a place going for Kenilworth Half Marathon please can you email me.

    Regards Sandra

  • Sandra,  I am now no longer able to race. If there is a way to transfer my entry to you then we can sort. Please PM me with your details etc and I will get in touch with the organisers etc.

  • Hi, does anyone still have a spare place for this race?

  • ringo100ringo100 ✭✭✭
    Hi Kevin I have a place going
  • Hi, i'm looking for 2 places if anyone cant make it.



  • Thank you for sharing!

  • Hi Guys, Sandra has not responded so if anyone else want my place please PM me. Thanks

  • Sandra has my entry now but I think Simon is still looking for one AGF!

  • Ok thanks Susieanna.

    Simon, please PM me and I will help sort for you....

  • HI AGF,

    Sorry I thought I had sent you a message to inform you I had already had a place. Thanks again for the offer .


  • ringo100ringo100 ✭✭✭
    1 place still availible
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