Weighty problem?

Since having my second child I am finding it hard to lose the final 10lbs or so which means acording to the NHS I am 2lbs heavier than I should be, pushing me into an overweight catagory. Saying this I have run 2 5K PB's this year and a marathon PB. Yet when I was 10lbs lighter my 5k time was 2 mins slower than it is now!

Any ideas on why this is? I do hate the fact I am considered overweight though and it effects my running confidence.


  • 2lbs isn't much - and if you are muscular then it could just the muscle. I wouldn't worry about it. The nhs weight charts don't really apply to people who do a lot of exercise - well, unless you are flabby like me - but I am losing weight!

  • I'd say it has nothing to do with your weight, and everything to do with increased fitness image You can carry a few extra pounds and still be fit and healthy - and I'm assuming that you're going based on BMI, which quite honestly isn't the best way of assessing weight, health and fitness. Most rugby players are obese according to their BMIs, but they're some of the fittest people you'll find!

    If you can take the focus off of your weight and onto other measures of health and fitness then all the better for it image

  • Thanks guys, I just measure myself by my BMI although I know it is inaccurate for some, I would be happy with my body itself but just dont like being put into the overweight catergory, wonder if I lost weight I would get quicker?

    I have done more running but when I was lighter did more X training, so maybe its about the miles. I have another marathon Sunday maybe lose acouple of pounds after that lol

  • also take into account how you weight varies over the month - I always put a couple of pounds on before my period which is just water retention I suppose, it always disappears afterwards

  • Don't let the weight knock your confidence.

    I'd rather be a couple of pounds heavier AND be able to run a marathon.

  • Thanks thats good advice mathschick, I do always fluctuate at that point!

    I bet you can run a marathon K8, I questioned it, but once I did my first there was no turning back !

  • I wouldn't give a monkeys about being "put in the overweight category"!

    If you are happy with your body, then don't worry about the category.  Plus, two pounds is really nothing anyway!

  • Thanks, just I take everything so literally! Like if I am in the 'overweight' catergory I am a burden on the NHS since that is how they measure it!

    I still wonder though if I cracked on and lost a bit science says I should be faster? Even though I was not when I was lighter lol

  • There's a weight chart for ideal weights for running based on height and build etc. It's a bit hit and miss but I was surprised at how 'heavy' I should be to be at my peak for running a marathon. It also said that most of the top end runners were a little 'overweight'

    I really wouldn't worry about BMI, if you are running well, good for you. Perhaps now you just have the energy to see you through which you didn't have before?

  • I def agree with that Bex, before I was living on slimfast and felt shaky and weak alot of the time image, that only got me down to an 'ideal' BMI although still fairly high at 23! Where is the chart for runners?

  • To the OP- stop weighing yourself, measure your waist / hip circumference instead- these have a better bearing on your cardio vasc risk ,and how you look! If you think about it, the amount you weigh is of much less relevance - I KNOW I look fitter than I used to, but my weight hasn't changed at all, don't let the stupid BMI tables get you down! You can't train properly while living on slimfast!

  • I know I am kinda getting that now, and it is weird cause even though I was thinner I still felt 'fat' even though then I was within my BMI! lol, cant win really. Slimmer and slower or fatter and faster lol! 

  • You keep referring to yourself as 'fatter'.

    Nothing wrong with a girl having some muscles.
  • I've run all my PBs when "heavy". IMHO, if you're too light and/or not eating well, you won't train well because you won't store energy and recover as well as you could, and you won't race well because you'll be lacking strength.

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