Neoprene allergy?

Has anyone had problems with their wetsuit in terms of allergy symptoms? I've got generalised itchiness (urgh!) and a rather nice rash on both arms.

I swam last night in the river Derwent, and either there was something iffy in the water or I've suddenly developed a reaction to my wetsuit image How likely is it that the wetsuit is the culprit, and do hypoallergenic wetsuits exist?


  • Swimmers itch ? I think it's down to snails in the water or something - google it - I haven't suffered from it, but others have where I swim
  • Is the shape of the allergy very clear cut? And do you have it anywhere else your body was in contact with the wettie such as your legs?  If so, it could be from your wetsuit. If not, were you using any body glide etc?


  • Crikey, I wish I hadn't googled images of swimmer's itch! imageimage

    I don't think it's that, fortunately. Otherwise I don't think I'd ever want to get in the water again!

    The rash is on the inside of the elbow joint on both arms. Little red spots, most of which have gone now. I've not noticed a rash anywhere else, just felt very itchy! I'm allergic to latex amongst other things, so know I am prone to allergy.

    I didn't use anything like body glide, so it's not that. I'm sightly baffled!

  • I doubt its your wettie if you have used it before and no problems.

    Could be something in the water, racing this year and it was a sea swim and ended up with a rash on both wrists, don't know what it was from and died down after a couple of days, no problems since.

    Have you got any rash on your legs?


  • Nope, no rash on my legs. They are itchy though.

  • Did you wash out the wetsuit well after the last time you used it?

  • Yep, it was washed.

    I guess it's just one of those things. My next swim is in different water, so if it happens again I'll know the river wasn't the problem.

  • Did you sit around damp for a while in the wettie? Sometimes that can make me rashy/itchy...dunno why. Try a bit of bepanthem/sudocreme on the rash (if you're not allergic to it).

  • Could it just be heat rash?  Its a bit hot for wearing a wetsuit in this weather

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