A pirate outing to Northern France in 2013, August Bank Holiday



  • keep working on the swim sessions and start OW swimming next year when it's warm enough - you'll have time over summer 2013 to get some good sessions in.  and you need to learn to sight more often to reduce the veer.  and of course you can still do some OW sessions this summer. image

    don't see an issue with XC skiing - good cross training - I've used that in the past mixed up with downhill.  and I used that as a down week from IM training but still gave plenty of exercise.  I assume up run is Comrades??

    your basics are there - it's probably the swimming that needs work more

  • Finally found venue, not on Google maps yet, still showing as farmland. I'll try and recce it next week, we are about ten miles away and the SS Dustboy is in the car.

    Note for the shite swimmers, guide cables on the bottom, like Dorney. 

  • I am just sneaking a look in here after losing my tri virginity at the Vachery on Sunday, Jaffa thought the fizz in Lanza wouldn't be good enough for me so this could be perfect. I am going to wibble for a while.

  • here's some more info on the venue - http://www.lepaarc.com/ - click the Union Flag and goog will translate it for you if your French is poor.   there's a link to last weekend's Ch'triman results as well for reference.

    this PDF file is also useful - in English - http://www.sivom-aa.fr/pdf/Presentation%20Pack%20En.pdf - some good background info on it 's development

    be interested to hear the feedback on the venue Dusty .  we're off to France on the 5th but via Newhaven to Dieppe.   we're doing a standard distance race down in St Jean de Luz near Biarritz - again part of a tri festival with races from IM to kids all on the same day.   www.ironbask.fr for those interested.

  • A member of my local tri club finished the long distance event this year.  Whenever he submits his report I'll ask him can I copy it over to here.

  • Ditto - we had 2nd lady overall in the IM distance and several others also raced over other distances......

  • Seems like I'm going to come out of retirement, well only for the 1/2 as will be back in the UK by then.

  • Podds - what was the general feedback from the Deal guys??  if you could get some and post here it might be useful to others

  • Aiming to get to this one as well FB. Just up the road really image

  • Hi FB - haven't seen any of them since their return as I missed the OW handicap swim image but am keeping an eye out for feedback on the club forum and will try to catch up in person fairly soon and will let everyone know what they say

    We had people in the full, the half and the sprint distances

    I have to say the half is strongly attracting me as a late summer race is always going to fit in with work so much better for me and I really need to get off my ever expanding butt as I've done pretty much no training all summer and need a new target!

  • Here's a brief report from a Dealie - vastly experienced triathlete who's regularly been to Euros and Worlds (used to be our swim coach at the club)

    Great race well worth the 10 mins drive in France. Well set up and a pretty area. Cheap as chips. 
    This sort of race was why I loved competing. No bull sh1t as in many UK races, a few tester one addicts but most just happy to be there. Me included. See you there in 2013 

  • And another - this chap is usually up amongst the prize winners but had major bike issues which meant a DNF unfortunately this time

    Despite my rubbish race due to my own piss poor equipment (now sorted!) I thought this was a great event. The organisers made a big effort to create a decent atmosphere, and the whole event was well run. All for a fraction of the price of many similar UK events and even some decent prize money, not vouchers for overpriced tri shops, or money off a race with the same organisers, but proper money you can spend where you want. I for one will be going back for another crack next year.

  • Thanks Podds, I just e mailed our guy for his report but your input has probably made my mind up. 

    It's inked into in my diary image.

  • some excellent feedback there Podds - thanks for that.


  • A bit close to Challenge Henley maybe?! Otherwise sounds tres appealing. Will watch with interest....

  • 3 distances available - something to suit all tastes and timetables....... image

  • Did they have a 'Mince Distance' ??

  • image

    You've missed me haven't you image

  • Yep, two weeks on a picture perfect beach thinking how much I miss being abused by the pirates in general and you in particular! image

  • To be honest, I think it is the other way round, when I'm not about you havent got anyone else to bully and abuse! 

  • Wanna bet ?  image

  • Stop filling up my inbox with emails telling me there has been a response! image

    And yeah, I'll take that bet! Who else do you abuse?! (and dont tell me you don't love doing it!) image

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