Nausea & Cramps after running

Hi all!

Just wondering if anyone can help me! I've been running regularly for about 18 months and am now training for my first half marathon (in October). I ran an 8.5 mile fun run in June and am up to ten miles in my training runs.

When I finish my 8+ mile runs, I become nauseous, light headed and have horrific stomach cramps and end up dashing to the toilet! I then end up crawling in to bed for a couple of hours until it passes because I literally can't sit up or stand! I don't have this problem with my 5 mile runs (which I do at least twice a week) or after gym workouts its just when I go over the 7.5 mile runs. I take a bottle of sugar free squash with me on my runs and I drink water when I get home.

My general diet is very good, I eat healthily, drink plenty of fluids and eat plenty of fruit & veg! I have lost 2 stone this year following the weight watchers programme but my weight loss has only benefited my running.

I am just wondering if anybody has any sugestions of anything that I can try to stop this from happening?


  • See your doctor.

  • are you eating anything before the long runs? also try taking just water on the long runs instead of the sugar free squash. Its fairly normal for longer runs to muck up your digestion but this sounds excessive so maybe there is something in the squash that you body doesnt like? Or if plain water doesnt help then try a different water additive - I swear by something like Dioralyte (tescos do a cheaper version).

  • Bionic Ironwolf wrote (see)

    See your doctor.


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