Dulwich Parkrun sub 20 mins

Hi, I hope I'm posting this in the right board. Is there anyone on here that regularly runs Dulwich Parkrun in just sub 20? I'm looking for someone to pace with. I've run a 21.35 but had to stop to tie a shoe and I've run a 20.50 or thereabouts with splits of 6.20, 6:40 and 7:30 per mile. I'm certain if I have someone reliable to pace me I can crack sub 20. I would like to do one in the next couple of weeks if anyone can help? Thanks


  • Hi J1m, just stumbled across your post ...

    I've been running Dulwich parkrun since August this year and have completed 9 or 10 now I think. The last three that I've run competitively have all been just sub 20 - 19:50, 19:47, 19:51 ... I wonder if you're still aiming to get under 20 or if you've already done it now? I'll next be running Dulwich on 29/12. Send me a message if you like or post here in the forums as you prefer.

  • Hi Cicero,

    I recently had a break from running for two months due to being out the country so I'm not fit enough to going for 20 just yet.

    I will be going for it again in 2013 though.

    Always looking for someone to train with locally though if your interested?
  • I was at Dulwich parkrun this morning. Were you I wonder? I finished in 16th in  20:29 TBC - at the time of writing I'm an "uknown", but that should change shortly. Definitely feeling a bit worse for Christmas eating and I backed off from 20 minute pace at about 3.5k / 4k. I'm hoping to be making a PB attempt sometime in late January or February.

    I have other commitments on Saturday mornings during school terms, but will check my diary and post again with a view to perhaps meeting up at Dulwich parkrun and running together?

  • I'll be at Dulwich parkrun on 5 Jan 2013 and then 16 Feb and 23 Feb 2013 after that ...

    I won't be ready for 20 myself on 5 Jan so happy to pace some other time if you like?

  • I can run 5th Jan. not sure about a quick time but happy to introduc e myself.

    I'll pm you before next weekend.
  • Afternoon Jim

    Did you make it this morning? How did it go? I managed 20:07 which, considering my recent mince pie intake, I'm very happy with image


  • Hi Cicero,

    I've been unwell all weekend so didn't make it on Saturday.

    Next due to do in anger on 2nd or 9th feb.

    I might use it as a tempo run before that if your around on a different Saturday?
  • 16th Feb still most likely to be my next one image

    Will update if that changes.

  • Last minute cancellation of my Saturday work commitment meant I ran Crystal Palace on 19 January. Were you there I wonder? [Goes to check results page for Jims ...]

  • I was in Crystal Palace park on Saturday but not until later.

    Ran best part of 12 miles, thought Dulwich park and Sydenham woods up to Crystal Palace park and back.

    Loads of kids on sledges.

    G3 10k in Surrey this weekend.
  • Hi J1M, Cicero,

    I just sumbled accross your posts as well

    I did my first ever Dulwich Parkrun on Saturday. I managed to get round in under 20mins, despite the snow. --- There is a good picture here - http://youcantrunaway.com/anyone-notching-a-pb-in-this-is-due-a-chat-with-oprah/

    There's a good crowd down there but three laps is a little bit repetitive. Have you done the one in Brockwell Park?

  • Hi YCRA

    No, not done Brockwell Park yet, but it's on my list image

    If either of you use twitter I'm @cicerunner ...

  • I've done Brockwell. Not as quick as Dulwich but a nice route.

    I prefer Dulwich though and even quite like the 3 laps format.
  • To anyone else stumbling across this who'd like to join/continue the conversation, I'm @CiceRunner on Twitter. Potentially a much better forum for communication than this.

  • Just resurrecting this: one of my friends who normally runs Brockwell is likely to run Dulwich. How much faster is it and what is it like underfoot?
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    alehouse - I've done both. I'd say Dulwich is one of the quickest parkruns there is, maybe half a minute quicker than Brockwell Park.  (I beat my 5,000m track PB the only time I did it!)  Very smooth tarmac underfoot, much nicer than Brockwell Park which can be quite rough in places. Basically 3 x 1M anti-clockwise laps with gently curving left hand bends all the way round.

  • Thanks Phil! Thought you might reply!

    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • SEdanSEdan ✭✭✭

    Dulwich is my local and I have done it about 6 or 7 times - PB is 19:49. It is obviously quick. What are the other good parkruns in SE London? How do Brockwell, Crystal Palace, Hilly Fields etc compare?

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Dan - depends what you're looking for in a parkrun. Dulwich is easily the quickest of those. Actually I've not done the parkruns at either Hilly Fields or Crystal Palace but I'm familiar with the places themselves.  Our club regularly uses Hilly Fields for, er, hill sessions.  The clue's in the name but it's quite hilly!  You've also got the "Greenwich" parkrun which is actually run in Avery Hill Park over Eltham way.  That's sort of flattish with the odd rise, but mainly grass and some tarmac surfaces, maybe 40-45 secs slower than Dulwich, nice park.

  • SEdanSEdan ✭✭✭

    Cheers Phil - think you are a Kent man? I am planning to pop over to Ladywell on Tuesday as looking for a club and have an offer in on a house in Hither Green...

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Yeah, come along. I don't think I'll be there this particular Tuesday as I'll be recovering from the Great Eastern Run this Sunday, but sessions start about 7:15.  Ask for Adrian... and maybe I'll see you there Tuesday week.  If you like cross country it's a good time to join.  image

  • Hi, I've done Dulwich parkrun four times since early September and is the only parkrun course where I managed a PB each time (time had dropped from 21.08 - 20.45). Like the original poster, my target is a sub 20 minute time

    Would be interested to know what pacing strategy works best on a flat course like Dulwich. Even splits or is it best to go out a little quicker than target pace for the first mile?

    PS What are the other really quick parkrun courses in London?     

  • I have only done Blackpark, Osterley, Wycombe, and Upton Court.

    Blackpark is all compact earth and the others are 50% on grass. So Blackpark gets my vote for PB potential. 

    I will try out Dulwich as like the idea of the 3 times lap!

    I do like this blog image  http://www.blog7t.com/

  • Ooh just wondering if (on the tiniest of off chances!) there’s anyone running sub 20 this weekend in Dulwich? Minuscule chances, I know :-)
  • Well there will be - perhaps you should just rock up and ask some fast looking peeps if they can pace you. Are you in a club, because that'd be the easiest way to get pacing help? 
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