Where has my pace gone

Help where has my pace gone?  And how do I get it back?  I was comfortably running a 9 minute mile marathon in April since then i have been suufering with a painful knee.  Been cross training and now have a great core programme in place, knee is better but during my 10 mile run this morning I couldn't get past 10.5 min mile and even that didn't feel too comfortable!  Any tips, advice much appreciated.  Time is against me!


  • Time is your friend. Invite them in give them tea and cake.

    You got injured before probably because you where running a 9 minute mile pace when you had not yet conditioned yourself to be able to do it. Oh yes you where comfortable while you were doing it but afterwards it all went pear shaped. That does not happened if your strong enough. You got a sore knee now you have strenghthened your core and knee and your in a rush again!

    When I could only run 9 minute miles I never ran 10 miles. My regular easy pace is 7:23-7:53 and I dont do many 10 milers at the faster end.

    Slow down and build up your pace by concentrating on how long you can spend on your feet running. Do a ittle stamina work once a week to get use to running at a faster pace but over shorter distances.



  • It will come back.

    I posted almost the same thing a few months ago.

    I stopped running for 4 years and when I came back to it I was so slow by comparison to my previous pace I was devastated.

    Now after a year back I am back on pace and pushing new PB's even though I'm older.

    In fact my middle distance is faster.

    The one thing that held me up was trying too hard to gain pace and suffering injury.

    So I suppose my best advise is don't be over eager and don't push it too hard to soon and it will come back.
  • whenever i feel slower than usual (usually when marathon training) i tend to put things like mile reps into my weekly training...not every week, just every other...it sure helps me.   

  • Injury and pain is a real de-motivator. You need to get that knee to settle down first, and it can take days, weeks or months. The fizzy-O will help. There is no way that you can apply pace through the pain.

    Once there is no pain, there may have been a deterioration in pace, but understand the theory of periodisation. April marathon, means that your next target is October at the earliest. In fact, next April is more realistic.

    I'd also check out your shoes for excess wear. I always found that injuries were a sure fire indicator that my shoes were tired.

  • Thanks everyone for your comments.  I guess I know deep down that time is the answer.  So I am doing my best to be patient.  Things have improved a bit already but from now on "Time is my friend" will replace "Hills are my friends" as my number one mantra, neither feel to friendly but the results are hopefully eveidence enough!

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