Running tops

Hi All,

Running isn't my main form of training so I've been quite lazy and just run in the same kind of gear that I'd use for weights, circuit training, etc (apart from footwear, of course). In this heat, however, these clothes just get drenched in sweat and feel really uncomfortable. 

What I'm looking to find is some running tops that would ideally not absorb loads of sweat, would remain fairly odour free, and also fit snugly (not tight like a base-layer, but not baggy like some of the technical tops I've looked at in shops). 

This one looks like it could fit the bill: Any thoughts?


Thanks in advance


  • Yeah go for it.

    Personally I'll run in any technical top. Plenty of choice and some races give you th as finisher tees.
  • try sports direct, they have loads cheaply to start off with, you dont need an expensive make


  • True - my aldi tops feel just as comfy as any others. In fact some of my 'make' tops are the worst - one of them has center seams running down the back - so i cant wear that with any backpack. Silly design. 

  • What Cougie said. 

    I've got a few from races that i've finished and I use those constantly, although the Robin Hood 2005 top is looking a bit faded now...

  • Aldi & Lidl wicking tops are great. Cheap, usually a good fit and last for bloody years!

  • I picked up a couple of teh karrimor ones last week and cant fault them, paid £7.99 each in the shop though

  • Go for comfort & wickability (if that's a word). I've tops from Lidl which are good. I had a nike vest and I swear the seams were sewn with fishing twine - I cut out the almost A5 sized label, but it still ended up in the charity bag as it chafed so bad under the arms.

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