South Coast Run highlights..

I got there today, about 08;00 and it was well organised. The people there were very friendly, and they had some good tents. I even picked up this headband you dip in water, and keeps you cool, which was handy since the temperature hit 27 degrees, and running round became not a place to get PB's but more to survive the heat, and keep on going. For those who did the 5k or the 10k, i became quite jealous at a few points ha ha..

It was well organised though, except for the absence of water stations when you needed them the most. It was at about the two mile check point, and was the same station you saw, on your lap round coming back. But that aside, it was good.

The medal was a bit naff, maybe the least nice one i have had, and felt quite flimsy. That it said UK Triathlon on it, even though i didnt do one, was a bit confusing.

Still it was nice to cross the finishing line, having avoided several kids who i nearly hit, and various old couples who seemed to hog the path.

Overall not a bad race. And is the first time i have had race number 1, so it made it more special, but was certainly not my position. I did it in 1.40.34, which is a way off my PB, but the heat was very severe, and maybe its psychological, but doing laps, can mess with the head.


  • Would agree with Ghostrider, I did the half marathon and it would have been nice to have a water station up by the turn at the other end, also the medal, I didn't do a Triathlon, so would have been nice to half one on there that said that, but I suspect its down to money, i.e. cheaper to have all the medals say the same thing, but apart from  that a well organised race

  • thanks for your comments, and l am pleased i did it, since it was a nice venue, and apart from the water station and the medal, the organisation was very good.

    The thing with the medal, it wouldnt have bothered me, if i had the same medal as the 5k or the 10k, since we all slogged it out, and i saw one girl who did the 5k, and endurance like for like, we were equal, since she was obviously a novice, but its just the medal said Triathlon on it. Oh well.

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