Henley half

Hey out there, I'm allegedly doing the henley half in sept and I'm wondering if anyone knows the bike course?I can't tell from the map what the profile is like and the extent of the climbs, which is adding to my very legitimate anxiety as a result of some serious under-training!

Any tips very welcome. J


  • Hi,

    The Challenge Henley website has the profile for 1 loop. The half does 1.5 loops. My understanding is the half loop is the shorter of the two legs, then back in to Henley.

  • thanks iron, i must look again then!

  • i don't know the Henley course at all but if you check out bikehike.com they are good for checking out cycle routes. You map it yourself and it gives you the profile of it.

  • Cat - I don't think the profile on the web site includes all those bl**dy bumps in the road, especially on the way back down - I actually had to use the brakes at one point to stop the bike vibrating to bits!!

    Be warned its very lumpy!!

  • Thanks Rafiki for the tip off, bumpy as in terms of poor road surface? I did wonder as I can't imagine those rural roads are terribly well maintained.

    I was wondering which tyres to use (not that i'm a techie, but i aim to minimise the chances of coming off) but by the sounds of things i might need some suspension forks!

    You racing it rafiki? Sounds like you know the area. Thanks for the advice.

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