Barney memorial 5k

I did this race last weds and afterwards we asked about the results being posted.  The man said it would be up either that evening or the next day.  I have been checking the nene valley harriers site and nothing.  emailed them, nothing, messaged on facebook, nothing.  What do I have to do to get my time?  It's only my third race but it is a bit off putting to be so short of information.  Anyone on here a member or done this race?  Have you found the results anywhere?



  • Nene Valley Harriers are never fast at getting the results up Pam.  I didn't even get a time for this race last years as they missed out a number of runners times last year.

  • Oh well, I suppose I will just have to wait then.  I am not impressed that they do not return my emails though.  I may avoid their races in the future then as the other two races were well organised and helpful.

  • I am sure the times will be up today.  hoping so anyway as I got a new PB in the race on Wednesday according to my Garmin.

  • Well, I'm pretty sure I didn't!  We got held up as the sliproad off the parkway was shut, then there were temporary traffic lights outside the park.  I got there at five to seven and leapt out of the car as we drove past the start!  Got very wound up as I thought I'd miss the start, so used up most of my energy stressing out!

  • Results are on the Peterborough Evening Telegraph website

  • Thanks, I did get a personal best!

  • Well done on your personal best!  I did too!

  • Speedy shane.

    For your information. We had people running without numbers rather than post in correct results. We had to check through a video against our results to find 2 times we recorded that were missing numbers. There are not many clubs that take care about insuring the times we post are correct. When the results had been checked they were sent to the Web administrator who controls our web site. Unknown at the time he was on Hoilday hense a further delay. 

    Making negative comments like Nene Valley is never very fast in putting up results is absolutely untrue and non produtive.Most of our results are placed on our Web site the next day. Rather than leave negative comments about Nene Valley I suggest you confort us directly. 

    Very dissapointed to read this.

  • Well, I did contact you twice.  Still to receive any replies.  Lucky I posted on here or I might never have known.  I saw the results on your site but couldn';t open them as I was not a registered user.  Glad that they were in the newspaper.

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