Race the Train 2013

The 30th anniversary of Race the Train will be held on Saturday the 17th August 2013. Entry fees will remain @ 2012 rates. Are you up for the challenge? For entry details go to www.racethetrain.co.uk. See you in 2013


  • saw this on TV and it looked amazing!  Unfortunately I am not a runner but if it was tri the train"!!??

  • this is one of my favourite races done it 8 times, missed it this year but will be there for the 30th, scenary is fantastic.

  • I will most definitely be taking on the 30th Challenge, this is also one of my favourite races!  Can we please have some wet and windy weather in 2013 as the heat was a real killer this year!!!


  • MG4MG4 ✭✭

    this race is awesome did it for the first time this year and will definitely be doing the 30th!!

  • Come on guys. You may not have entered for 2013 yet, but tjhose of you who ran 2012 could rank the race on RW.

  • First time on line since coming home from Tywyn.

    First time 've done the event; loved it.

    Will be back

  • Race ranked! Will sign up ASAP!
  • Thanks for the positive responses guys to 2012 race. Its still not to late to rank the race on RW. Online entries for 2013 are open and prices will remain the same as in 2012. So good news no price increase.

    For those who comment on the car park charge of £4, this does include the race programme. Similarly if you purchase a race programme on Friday or prior to parking them the parking is included. So if you break this down it works out @ £2 for the programme and £2 for parking. Where else can you park all day for £2.

    Look forward to seeing you in 2013. www.racethetrain.co.uk


  • I think the vast majority of runners have no objection about paying the car parking (and those that do probably need to have a moan about something!).  The only thing that would be useful is to state in the info thats posted out about the car parking charge, as the first year we ran we were scrabbling about looking for coins to make up £4 as we didn't realise!!  But this race is one of the best value in every aspect, medal, Tshirt, fab goody bag, great marshaling, great crowd support can't ask for more!

  • Laudy

    Your comment has been noted regarding the parking information going into the runners pack. I will bring you constructive comment up at the race debrief meeting in October. Thanks for the positive feedback. Its through reading comments from the runners that helps us to improve the race.

    Many thanks

    George Watson

    Race Director
  • Just ranked the race (highly you will be pleased to hear!) and loved it - however bit too early for me to enter any races for next year George BUT wanted to thank you for a glorious race and a lovely day, superbly organised race.  You had more toilets than a certain large city marathon I raced early in the year had...   Just wondering, I left my water belt with a marshall, did anyone hand it in?  It is a large bottle on a belt, I was struggling to run with it so left it with a marshall around mile 4/5.  No worries if not, thought might be worth a mention.  See you next year! 

  • Why oh why do people complain about parking, you are going to a small town in Wales, where at least a thousand people are also visiting. You ain't going to get a space at the start line. It is like complaining about traffic WHEN YOU ARE THE TRAFFIC! 

  • Hahaha HeOw!!!  Its the British spirit though you gotta moan about something, but it does say something about Race the Train's organisation when thats the only small negative anyone can find!!!!

    George:  You are very welcome, thankyou to you and your team for putting on such a fab event.  It really is one of my favourites!  Only one other thing that could be improved, is if I could prebook the weather for 2013 to be wet, cool and miserable that would be fantastic! image

  • I've entered. Should have done it this year but Virgin Trains let me down. May go the day before and stay over to make sure in 2013.

  • I'm in - I've always wanted to do this but never been fit enough before (some might say I'm still not, but I'm working on it image),  I survived the Lakeland Trails half marathon this year so I should be OK.

    We've got a caravan about 45 minutes from Tywyn so a good weekend is on the cardsimage.


  • you have to go the day before, i have a 5 hour drive so we stay for a few days at least, going for a weeks holiday next year, lovely area.

  • This isn't a race.

    This is a PARTY and a HOLIDAY!

    Done it twice now, having beaten the train once (injured once) and took a child with me on both occassions. You've got to be fit to beat that train, but this is one event that sticks in the memory. You can keep your PBs, I've got my RTT T shirt, medal, and certificate.

    (Oh yes, the beer is cheap and the food is plentiful)

  • thats a good comment, great run, great place, great holiday

  • Hi All,

    This is my first post on the forum... I've looked at this a few times now and looks fantastic????. Does anyone know how long the train takes? Will be looking to book this for 2013.

  • The train takes about 1h47m.  My 1/2 Mara PB is 1h35 (set in April), but this took 2h2m - it's hard.

  • ive done the race 8 times and the closest i got was about 1hr;50, im over 2 hours theres days, but never mind its a great run to do. its in my top 5.

  • You need to be capable of running I would say a sub 1:25 half to be in with a chance of beating it, I have a 1/2 PB of 1:33 and I have yet to do it (5/6mins outside at best).  You also need to be a good XC runner to stand a realistic chance of beating the first train as the terrain is tough!  But forget the train (most of us have to!) this is a really fantastic race, not many races that beat it in terms of organisation, crowd support, scenery and a great bunch of people to run with!

  • agree with that laudy, great day great run, and scenery, just enjoy the experience, i hope they keep this race going for years to come, it must bring a lot of much needed money into the area.

  • I'm in, can anyone recommend a place to stay as thinking of making a long weekend of it?

  • Runlozrun

    Google Tywyn and look for B&B's or camp sites.Thete are several near to the start/finish area, only 10 minutes walk.
  • Course I'l be there.....Will be number 4 for me....

  • Good to see many of you will be back on the 17th August for the 30th anniversary of Race the Train.

    Many thanks to all of you who ranked the 2012 race. RW readers ranked it as number 1 most scenic event in the UK.Many thanks, you commets and rankings do matter to us.

    For details on entries for 2013 go to www.racethetrain.co.uk  Also why not run for our offical race charitys Action for Children.

    See you on August the 17th

  • Thx George, I think I'm sorted with a B&B.  Looking forward to it.

  • 17th August


    Cheap beer


    Steam trains

    Local ice cream

    Pretty sheep

    I should keep quiet about the generous prizes that were awarded the last time I ran, George may know more about that. More likely those are the sort of things that only come together in the final few weeks.

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