Correct brace/support for MCL tear

It feels like i've slightly torn my Medial Collateral Ligament. training for my 10k has been put on hold. I'm going on a walking holiday in North Wales in a weeks time and two weeks following ive got a 10k run.  Basically i'm wondering which type of knee support/brace is the best to buy.  I've had the knee problem on and off for the last year since falling on it in a stupid game of football. Once I up my training (especially on hills) the problem comes back. So the support needs to be one that adds support to the sides of the knee when running as well as one that would aid recovery now. I'm reluctant to spend any more than £30. Thinking about the Neo G Medical grade open patella knee support, but not sure if it will suit my particular knee problem ie do I need to get a hinged type instead?

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