Myprotein recovery xs

Hello! I was wondering if you think it's worth taking recovery xs (by myprotein) after a run? I am currently training for a marathon and my diet is poor due to being a student image Thanks!


  • Fix your diet.  It's cheaper.

  • Being a student isn't really an excuse for a bad diet. You can buy and make healthy food if you put a little bit of effort into doing so. If you can afford something like a recovery supplement, you can afford decent food. And it will have more far reaching benefits than drinking some synthetic crap after a run.

    And quite honestly, if you're diet is bad, then your training will suffer regardless of the myprotein product. Sort your diet out!

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    You can knock up a large bowl of pasta with tuna or sardines for less than a pint of student-priced lager, which would be just as good for refuelling after a run as some protein supplement.  No excuses!  image

  • Exactly.  I just have a pint of milkshake after my long runs. Costs bugger all. 

    'Scientific' recovery food costs a fortune. 

  • I see, I will look into fixing my diet! 



    thanks for all your help guys!! image 

  • 4 scrambled eggs on toast is also a cheap high protein meal with added carbs(from bread) to speed up recovery

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