Good shoe for mud that isn't terrible on the road

I'm looking for a good shoe for running on some of the footpaths near where I live. Obviously, being the UK, this means mud. I've been itching to properly get off the road for a while but everywhere's so muddy it has put me off. I've decided that if I am going to do it, I really need the right footwear.

But.. to get to the off road stuff, I need to run on the road, probably for a mile or two so, to avoid having to get in the car every time I want to run, I'm looking for a good shoe for the mud that I can also run on the road in reasonably comfortably.

Have been looking at the specialist mud stuff (mud claws etc) but they look like they'd be a nightmare on the road.

Is there anything suitable out there?


  • How off road are you planning to go? Just muddy footpaths?

  • Most of what is around here is muddy footpath. A lot is in the woods so they stay quite muddy for most of the year. There are drier bits up on the top of the hills with maybe some rocky parts.

    It's a bit of everything really but mud is the dominant theme! I'd prefer to run on drier, slightly rockier ground but I guess I have to work with what I've got.

    Ideally, I'd get a shoe that could cope with everything - rock, road, mud, ice, snow but that's probably asking too much.

  • Check these out - they both claim to be suitable for both road & trail

    Other retailers are available - I've just ordered some from here that's all:

    The inov-8s are 2 arrow which means that they are more of a minimal shoe so you would need to transition to them gradually.  You can also get a "guidance" version of the salomons if you need more support - if you're not sure - as always your first port of call should be a reputable running shop.

    Happy researching image

  • Generally for muddy conditions you'll need a longish stud in a wide open pattern so they do not clog and generate the most grip. Will also be good on rock, ice and snow etc but obviously a compromise on road. That said the long sticky rubber on an Inov-8 mudclaw does have a cushioning effect, and I don't find them to bad on short sections of road.

    The Inov-8 terrafly would be no good IMO - no real studs so will be like ice skating in the mud. Better off going for the mudclaw (300 out soon or the 270/333)if you want real grip. Some of the roclites would be ok (e.g. 295's) and as they are the 3 arrow shock zone, would be probably better on the road. Flyrocs and terroc are also worth a look.

    Not sure what you run in at the moment, but although the Inov-8s are mimimal, the're not full on bare foot. The roclites still have a 9mm heel to toe differential so transitioning is not so much of an issue.

    I'd also check out the mighty Mizuno Wave Harrier.

  • Thanks sleepy and Pete.

    I wear a minimal shoe on the road (Merrel Trail Glove) but it's useless in mud. I think I'd like a bit more protection underfoot for off road from roots and rocks.

    I think I'll head over to Go Outdoors later as they seem to have some good prices for the mudclaws and will also try some of the other suggestions. I do like the look of the mudclaw and the prices are good too, but I'm just not sure what they'll be like on the road.

    Thanks again.

  • Matt I'm in love with my mudclaw's and they can take on any surface other than tarmac. If you try to run on a mixture of fell and roads they have a tendancy to hurt your knee's a little. Discovered this the hard way last year doing a relay for a half ironman and couldn't walk propery after it. Was about 2 miles all in all on tacmac. The salomon's posted above can do this fairly well and arn't as good on mud but work ok.

    Mind you if you do get some mudclaw's you won't regret it they are fantastic. image image

  • MattDA wrote (see)

    I wear a minimal shoe on the road (Merrel Trail Glove) but it's useless in mud.

    I do like the look of the mudclaw and the prices are good too, but I'm just not sure what they'll be like on the road.

    Thanks again.

    If you are used to a minimal shoe then I'm sure the mudclaw would be fine for short distances on the road. The studs give you some cushioning anyway and the grip is fine on tarmac.

    You can probably get some bargains on the 272/333s at the moment as the 300s are just about to be released and they will replace both of the older models. (Prefer the 272s myself and the 300s are more like a beefed up 272.)

  • I really like la Sportiva Crosslights, I find them fine on road but I'm quite used to minimal footwear so don't require too much cushioning!
  • Mudclaws would be ok on dry tarmac but skittery on anything hard and wet. I think you need a shoe with a slightly less aggressive sole. I have changed to Salomom Speedcross 3 recently are probably better all round and a bit more comfy. Both would wear quickly tho on hard surfaces.

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