Rome Marathon 2013

With the end of busy sporting summer almost upon us, the mind starts to wander towards thinking about the winter, the training, and the ultimate goal of a good Spring Marathon in 2013. After dragging my hefty frame around Stockholm (2010: 4h30), Prague (2011: 3hr52), and Barcelona (2012: 3hr41) over the few years, the thought of running through the landmark-laden streets of Rome in 2013 sounds like a great idea…and maybe a chance for a 3rd consecutive PB??? Who else has entered/thinking of entering? Anybody run it before and can offer us all a slice of their wisdom? What’s the deal with the medical forms? Questions, questions, questions! Pending a successful ballot application, I plan to run this before taking part in my first London Marathon some 5 weeks later. Will I have chance to recover? Look forward to reading your responses, and maybe seeing you all at the finish line for a celebratory Peroni or two…


  • I ran it in 2011 and it was the best race I've ever entered. Running into St Peter's square will take some beating. Unlike London, the course takes in all the famous landmarks. It pretty much takes in all the sights on any postcard of Rome. If you look at the 2011 thread, there's plenty of advice on registration and the medical forms. Bear with the organisers, they get there (eventually). For the run itself -  run wearing a GB top, there's a lot of expat support which will give you a boost; and consider running with a small camera / iphone for the sights (I'm glad I did and it didn't slow me down). And Rome's not a bad place to carbo load on pasta in the days beforehand. Enjoy it!  

  • I've signed up to run this as my first ever marathon. Booked in a couple of half marathons for the end of this year and then going to start a proper training schedule (only done 10km races previously so working on gradually increasing my mileage at the moment).

    Had the opportunity to run it on behalf of a local charity and figured - I've never run a marathon and I've never been to Rome (both of which are on my wish list) so why not kill two birds with one stone! Saw the route on line and it looks amazing - have decided to go out a couple of days earlier with my hubby to see some sights without sweat in my eyes first!

    Very excited but nervous if I think too much about the distance - am hoping the fact that I will be running from one landmark to another will help keep me moving...

  • Bex (this is my husband's account) says - thinking of running this as my first marathon - but worried, will cobblestones be a problem? have run quite a few 10Ks and a couple of half marathons - up to 8 miles in long run training as have Cardiff Half on 15th Oct and then GSR 2 weeks after - any thoughts?  I do a lot of trail and cross-country running so maybe cobblestones won't be a problem? don't know

  • i-plodder: Thanks for the useful advice about Rome. Sounds like a really good race, and the in-race sightseeing potential seems better that Barcelona (which was fantastic this year). The organising committee seem to have come back off their holidays now and are beginning to process applications and payments ??? just hope I can get it finalised soon!
  • Kirsty ??? welcome to the wonderful world of marathons and marathon training! Good you???ve got a couple of HMs lined up, which ones? It seems most are timed to coincide with London Marathon dates and aren???t always suitable for earlier races such as Rome. Good idea to get out to the city in advance, although try and limit the amount of on-foot sightseeing you do before the race ??? it???s amazing how quickly you rack up the miles and tire yourself. In Barcelona my partner and I jumped on one of the organised hop-on-hop-off sightseeing buses before the race???let the machine take the strain! You can drag your aching legs round the streets after the race and help disperse that accumulated lactic acid (or sit in a pizzeria let the world drift by!)
  • Not sure why my postings contain loads of question marks...I'm not that confused!
  • Alex: because computers are the spawn of satan, that's why (my line of business, so that's an informed opinion image). Thinking of doing Rome next year. In '09 I was doing Helsinki and the Rome organizers had a table there with some medals on and a few flyers. No actual people there you understand .... LOL... but the medals were fab and it promptly went on THE LIST!

    Have been to Rome a few times before & love it. Funnily enough no objection from the longsuffering OH aka Bag Carrier Of The Year!

  • Ha - glad I haven't confused you to that extent! I am signed up for the Salisbury half at the end of October and am looking at a couple of others around the same time - New Forest half marathon is tempting but quite close now... (I live in Dorset).  I'm up to 10 miles now in 1hr 34 mins so feeling like I'm starting to beome more of a runner now, if that doesn't sound stupid? Felt ridiculously good to break double digits in terms of mileage...

    Good shout for the tour bus - I'm a sucker for a tour bus anyway and this is the perfect excuse so hubby can't claim I'm being lazy image

    I'm intrigued now what the medals look like after Fido's post...

  • Google images! Looks like they have a new medal design every year...

  • Thinking of doing this one as my second Marathon. Did Edinburgh this year and miss the discipline that comes with the training. Only problem with Edinburgh this year was the heat - hopefully this one in March will be a bit cooler?

    For anyone that's done it before - what's the crowd support like? And would it be easy for spectators to travel round to offer support at different points?

    Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced hotel too?

  • Reasonably priced by what standards? By London ...?image

  • Will be signing up for this. It will be my 3rd Marathon after Chester last year and Liverpool in 5 weeks time. Hoping to do at least 3 half Mara's beforehand with one in Italy... probably Assisi in December. Will keep checking the forum for updates, news and advice.

  • Louise Strong wrote (see)

    Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced hotel too?

    I'm about to have a gander at some travel websites and will let you know if we see anything decent. During a recent flight I was introduced to - seems to be a place were you can rent rooms/flats for short periods...if you like that kind of thing!

  • Flights, hotel and marathon all entered ahhhhh.  I did Brighton this year at the end of a lot of injury and definately said no spring marathon for 2013.  Yet I've round myself talking my poor other half into a 'romantic' weekend away in Rome, then as an afterthought mentioned that I might do the Rome marathon while we were out there..... 


  • Amanda TW, I like your style, I have got romantic week ends away booked in chester in 3 weeks time(my first marathon), Bath in march(second time for me running Bath half) and am hoping to go for a romantic week away on the shores of Lake Garda next year. My wife has wised up to me, but as long as we stay in a nice hotel and she has my full attention while I am not running, she doesnt mind to much, and in all fairness, its my way of saying thankyou for her being so understanding of all the hours my little hobby consumes. 

  • It does have its benefits, it's funny how all these events happen to be in places I really quite fancy visiting.  Really looking forward to Rome though just sounds amazing, even with the cobbles, figure even if not a PB, planning on Berlin later in the year can try for a PB then.  (was very sensible did not remind the other half about Berlin when I asked about Rome). 

  • I hadnt given doing Rome a thought, now am seriously thinking about it. Also been looking at lake garda marathon next year, any one know much about that one?? 

  • I was thinking about doing the Lake Garda one this year as we go on holiday there quite a lot but plumped for Liverpool as my 2nd Marathon. I love the idea of meeting early on one side of the lake at Malcesine and getting the boat with all the competitors across to the start point in Limone. You run north through mostly open sided road tunnels that skirt the lake until you get to Riva. You then continue further north out of the town returning down the other side of the lake finishing in Malcesine. I think 1200 did it last year. There is also a half marathon in November that starts and ends in Riva.

  • it sounds like an interesting one Alan, think I will give it a bash next year..

  • I've just started running again after a multi-year lapse. Am thinking of signing up for this as some serious motivation. Seems like I've got a week to decide before the fee goes up.
  • I'm trying to decide between Rome and Paris. Rome has an advantage in that my brother in law lives nearby so I could save on accommodation hassle. But then Paris is on my birthday! Decisions decisions! I'm liking the look of the Lake Garda one later in the year too!

  • lake garda sounds like a good one!

  • Yeah Lake Garda looks great- I love the idea of getting a boat across to the start and doing a point to point round the lake. The north end of the lake where it's based is really beautiful

  • That does look nice. Find a photo here:

  • Just paid for rome. Managed an 8 mile run yesterday (nearly killed me). See you at the start line!
  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    I'm in too. Do I need to get a gp to sign a form?

  • We are supposed to get a health form filed in and stamped by a GP, unless you have UK Athletics membership I think, then you don't need it. I wasn't planning on sorting that out until early next year though.
  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    I'm a member of scottish athletics so sent them a scan of my membership card, hoping that's enough

  • Let us know if it works. It might be easier joining scottish athletics than going to the GP for a check-up. It seems you can join scottish atheletics without having to join a club first, is that right? Do you have to live in Scotland too? Alternatively, I was thinking of perhaps just filling in the form myself, after all, you don't need a doctor's certificate to join england/scottish athletics, so what's the point??
  • Rome was just amazing - it was my second and for me blew London away. So many amazing memories and I've still got some of the Maratona di Roma advertising at the bottom of my garden attached to a fence!!! You see EVERYTHING!!!

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