Rome Marathon 2013



  • Lardy, you're hilarious! I feel you have a somewhat checkered past...

    I'd forgotten about the Idesof March - I'm flying in that day!

  • PS - the last Cardinal finally arrived in Rome today so they can now set the date for Conclave to begin - at least we might be able to gauge a better idea of what may happen next weekend...

  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    no day off work tomorrow so no long run, did 8 yesterday and just aiming at 8 today and tomorrow, hopefully get a couple of runs in next week but doubtful...usual 'have I done enough' nerves, leaving Sunday for a trek across Europe hitting Roma Friday...

  • ADG - don't fret, if you've trained consistently then the last 10 days really aren't important. I'm sure you'll have a fab journey.

    I don't know what the Ides of March is!image runs off to google it

  • ADG - don't fret, if you've trained consistently then the last 10 days really aren't important. I'm sure you'll have a fab journey.

    I don't know what the Ides of March is! runs off to google it

  • Hi all,

    My name is John Stoll and I am a reporter with the Wall Street Journal...I'm doing a story about Rome and the media hype leading up to the next conclave and would like to include perspective from someone who is planning on running Rome next week. Basically, I'd like to get your reaction to having this entire papal transition happening while coming to run.


    If interested in chatting for my story, send me an email.

  • If I was fit enough I'd do the Spartathlon too image

    Really don't fancy the North Pole marathon at all! Mount Olympus..yes!


    God, I don't have a chequered past! Very boring actually, that's why I now find myself wanting to run marathons everywhere.


    Molly! The Ides of March is the day Julius Caesar was murdered!


    In 13hrs time I shall be leaving for Gatwick... image


  • 12hrs 57 minutes...

  • 12hrs 55 minutes...

  • Lardy - cheers, you can tell i didn't do a History O level, plus you can tell I'm old as I did O-levels!

    The Conclave will either start Mon, Tues or Wed.....I've just been watching the news in my lunch hour. The precise date will be decided this afternoon.

  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    John don't think many of us are that bothered, the race is all we're focusing on.

  • not that anyone is "bothered" -- it's more about the historic connection to the conclave and the wondering if you'll be running on a day when the enthronement happens. Marathon Molly, for instance, has been providing consistent updates on when the conclave might be, etc...

  • Err - Im very "bothered" as it means the difference between running a marathon I have been preparing myself for for the last 4 months or just getting my flight home with no marathon!

    Truth be told I'm pretty miffed about it if i miss it!

  • I'm more than bothered about the marathon - I'm obsessed by it! (It's my first ever one - I'm allowed to be). I'm not particularly fussed whether it's on the day of the enthronement or not though to be honest - I just want to know as soon as possible so I can plan for a later start if that ends up being the case (as I think goes for all of us - hence our frequent updates as to the conclave - knowledge is power!)

  • Also - just realised that the 10 day weather forecast now covers the marathon day. Another thing to check on daily - hurray! Currently forecast to be 13 degrees and a 90% chance of rain on Sunday 17th March.....

  • John - I get chance to hear more about it as I live in Italy so my telly & news is full of it.

    Starting to get obsessed now...looking back at the last Conclave in 2005: it began on April 18th and ended on the 19th, the official ceremony was held on Sunday 24th April so if it follows that pattern, it's highly likely it WILL be on Sunday March 17th.

    I personally think they are faffing about talking about the date etc to distract people from all the Vatican scandal stories - and there are loads image

    Paul - I really hope for your sake it's not on marathon day.


  • Kirsty - another fact to be ossessed about image I'm as bad as you! Although usually it's not accurate until 3 days before. It's quite warm at the moment but should get colder after the weekend.

  • Molly, do you have a moment to chat? if so, send me an

  • To be honest, living in the UK, the majority of my training runs have taken place in cold and rainy conditions so it'll feel like a home from home!


  • Kirsty - I know what you mean, I really struggle running in the heat even though I've live here for donkey's years. It's never rained in the previous 5 Rome marathons I've done..but there's always a first time. Must remember to use waterproof mascara image

  • Kirsty, any chance you can also chat? this is an interesting angle to the pope story that I'd like to play out a little more. 

  • it's official....they're starting on Tuesday March 12th and it could take until Thursday as they seem to be split into 2 factions. Will that give them enough time to organize the ceremony for Sunday? I doubt it.

  • Molly thanks - I am still panicking about it - do you really think its unlikely to be postponed - I do so hope so. But I really don't know much about the process of electing popes and ceremony.

    It sounds like we will know a lot more on Tuesday after the meeting.
  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    sneaked in a sneaky 18 I'm ready...


    what I meant was not that much interest in the enthronement, I'm just looking at the start 9am or 4pm makes no difference to me as long as I'm there.

  • Bookies still have a 2 day conclave as favourite. That would mean all finished on Thursday.

    I think it will be the enthronement on Sunday.

    I'm quite excited by the thought of running round Rome at night and I will certainly be running for a lot longer than most of you!!

    Another injury scare for me yesterday. Had a runners knee problem for about 4 weeks and finally had a run with no pain - Hooray.....

    Then after 4.5 miles I have to stop with a pain in my left achilles. Sitting here now with one of my daughters cuddly toy heated beanie thingys on my calf.

    Keep smiling everyone and look forward to the wonderful event that we will be a part of.

  • Lets hope the bookies are wrong and its after Thursday . Like a week after Thursday would be good.

    I don't think many people would choose starting at 4pm through choice.

    I hope Molly is more likely to be correct.
  • 2 hrs 28 mins...

  • Being a devout atheist I couldn't care less about the Pope, however I appreciate the historical element and it's a nice side story.

    For me Christianity is just a thing that ruined ancient Rome! It was like being neutered. I'm going to Rome in the early hours of today to see some 3000 years of history, this is the back drop to my marathon, which to be honest since I pulled (or whatever it is) my hamstring I'm not as bothered about. Don't get me wrong of course I want to do it and am looking forward to it, but it's my 15th, so there's times when I barely remember I'm going for the marathon when I've been planning all my jaunts around museums.

    Like I said, I feel sorry for anyone who would have flight problems caused by a late start, but it makes no difference to me whether it's at 9am or 4pm, and indeed would welcome the uniqueness running a marathon at night. it'll be like a carnival.

  • Friday 8th March update:

    Cardinals have announced today that the conclave to choose a new Pope will begin on Tuesday, March 12. On the same day, a desisional meeting with the Municipality and the Prefecture of Rome will take place to see where we stand with the Marathon. As previously stated, in case of Enthronement of the new Pontiff falling on March 17, we are likely to be asked to be required to postpone the race to the afternoon, with start between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm.

    If you are a 3'30" runner and it starts at 2pm you will just catch the last BA flight.

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