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  • Lardy - have a safe journey

    AD2502 - I think you could be right and as Dominic says, if they're having a meeting on Tuesday then I dare say it WILL be on Sunday. They'll probably have to start organising the whole ceremony as there should be heads of state etc flying in and then even if they don't get a name until say Friday, all they need to do is print off invites etc.

    It was probably wishful thinking on my part for Paul's sake.

    At this stage then I'll keep my fingers crossed for a 2pm start if that makes it easier for anyone.

    Will anybody be going to the expo at around lunchtime on Sat?

    20° and sunny here in Italy but by Wed it should be a lot colder

  • Has anyone seen the article that the organiser uploaded to their facebook page today? It's in Italian and I can't copy it as it's a picture rather than text, so can't put it through google translate or anything. I think from the comments that have been added, it's a newspaper article which suggests that conclave start date was delayed until Tuesday to try to avoid an enthronement clash with the marathon if possible?

  • Dom, I thought the start was due to be 9am Or 4pm . I might be able to make 2pm as I'm approx a 3:15 runner so could catch a taxi / train at 5:30 -6pm get to airport at 7pm for gate closure at 8:25 tight but doable.

    Where did you get the 2pm start info from?
  • Paul - it was mentioned on their conclave update yesterday - first time I'd heard it too:

    Cardinals have announced today that the conclave to choose a new Pope will begin on Tuesday, March 12. On the same day, a desisional meeting with the Municipality and the Prefecture of Rome will take place to see where we stand with the Marathon. As previously stated, in case of Enthronement of the new Pontiff falling on March 17, we are likely to be asked to be required to postpone the race to the afternoon, with start between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm. Variation of the race course are also likely to occur. Please check regularly, and for real-time updates. Thank you for your patience and support in this extraordinary time.

  • Oh that's an interesting development 2pm!!!

    I tried a 16 mile run this afternoon. Much harder at 4pm then 9am in the morning. Normally do a 16-20 mile run first thing and have no problems, but in the afternoon I have much less energy!!! Is it physiological or physical ? Anyone else find this?
  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    best time to run is meant to be about 4pm

  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    I'm in paris, hitting roma on Friday, it's raining boo

  • It's bloomin snowing in Poole!

  • Hello from Roma! 

    OK, I know nothing about the pope thing. But as regarding the weather, coming from our winter the weather here at the moment is like summertime in the UK. I spent days looking at the weather online before coming here, it kept saying cloudy, rain, not very nice, well no it's not boiling but it's very pleasent, a mixture of sunshine and very light showers, though we had a thunderstorm last night and it chucked it down! Cloudy here isn't like our winter cloudy, its cloudy like our summer. Its much cooler at night but still warmer than day time in the UK.

    The heating is on in my room at night, I can't turn it off, so I'm sleeping with the air con on! 

    It says it 10c right now, but I'm sitting in my room in t shirt and shorts with the balcony doors wide open, sunshine coming in.

  • Oooh - warmth? That sounds awesome! Can you keep us updated a bit as to the weather as I have no idea what to pack at the moment (hand luggage only as only going Friday to Monday so don't want to pack for too many different weather options!). I bought my mini toiletries at the weekend to bring, and decided to be optimistic and bought a mini suncream! (To clarify that - I am a pure-white skinned red-head with more than my share of freckles - I have even been known to burn while inside the house - sitting too close to an open window!).

    Worringly my outer ankle (right leg only) has been sore since yeaterday so not sure if I'll get any more little runs in before Sunday. It only hurts when I'm walking fast or I guess if I tried to run - when I'm resting, it's fine. It hurts when I put pressure on it and flex my ankle to step up/push up from the ground, if that makes sense? Worried it's a tendon problem so think no more runs now til Sunday and ice/ankle stretches. Not good timing at all though and am getting a bit concerned...ah well, what will be will be I guess. Just pretty rubbish timing to get an injury in the week of the marathon!

  • Kirsty - it is warm now, but it will come cooler. It's a good idea to bring suncream as when the sun does come out, it's quite strong. As for luggage just bring layers: a t-shirt, a cardigan, a fleece etc then you're covered for all types of weather. Rest now until marathon day, it won't do you any harm at all. Don't fret!


  • Molly, with respect, you say you've lived in italy for a long time? Maybe you're more acclimatised than you realise? Coming straight from Britain, and recently having day time temps of 1-2c and it feeling more like –5c, plus 11c in italy with out breaks of sun shine feels practically tropical! Lol 

    The only reason i wasnt walking around in shorts yesterday was that I was getting stared at for just being in a T-shirt when the locals have got scarves on, and back home I'm normally the one who's freezing in a jumper when everyone else has bare arms. It turns chilly, though not cold after dark. If you're from up north you'll probably have your bikini on! Lmao

    I agree though, bring layers to wear, I've got a leather jacket, that with just a T-shirt underneath is slightly too warm, but its slightly too cool out of the sun shine with just a T-shirt (for my liking). I'll let you know my verdict of wednesdays weather when it happens. 

    As for UV factor, I'm not the one to ask as I'm dark skinned (though white) and never wear cream in the uk , don't burn, go straigt to brown, would only wear a low factor in the Med in the middle of summer, more often nothing. The sun at the moment is warm, but not intense. 

  • FSs! Its 15c and I've just seen a girl with wooly gloves on!

  • Lardy - you're probably right. I am used to the weather here and I feel cold when I go home! I am from "up north" as well imageItalians won't strip down to their t-shirts unless it's 25° so I should imagine you'll still see a few with wooly hats on!


  • Ha ha - so not only will I stick out a mile for my white skin and red hair, but also for the fact that I'll be dressed for summer!

    PS - Molly, can I ask a really hideous touristy question? How much English do most people over there speak? I usually make the effort and learn some of the language before I go abroad but have been focussing on the running instead this time - neither me nor my hubby speak a word of Italian except Bongiorno! I have been sent instructions on getting to our hotel from the train station and need to get a bus, which involves getting a ticket from a tabacconist first? How do I ask for a ticket in Italian? (I hate being a foreigner abroad who doesn't speak the language - I'm really aware it's probably rude to go to another country and not even know how to ask for a bus ticket...)

  • Kirsty - the general level of English isn't that good but don't worry you'll manage to get tickets, coffees etc I hope you're good at charades image and remember the odd "grazie mille" (thanks a lot) and you'll be fine! If you want to know a specific phrase for any reason, ask away!

  • Kirsty - I'll be just as white, Redheads will inherit the earth. How far is it to the Marathon village? I heard it was about 6 miles outside of Rome centre

  • EKGO -it is a bit outside but it's easy to get to. From the main train station which is "Termini", go to the underground section. There are only two lines in Rome (A & B) take line B  -direction "Laurentina", get off after 10 stops (about 20 mins) EUR FERMI (there are two previous stops that start with EUR so look for the Fermi bit) then it's a 5 min walk uphill. If you go on Saturday it'll be heaving so just follow everyone else.

  • I'll Second all that, the transport system is very easy, the London underground it ain't! ...which is good! If you've only got notes don't bother with a ticket machine, because they spit your money back every time, coins are fine, its a simple process, and only 3 types of ticket. 

    Its also a very small city, very difficult to get lost for very long.

    If you're worried about English go to a news stand or some such run by Asians, they all speak flawless English.

    My B'n'B is brilliant, they can only speak a tiny bit of English, which didn't bother me in the slightest, but they've actually hired a girl who's quite good just so they can chat to me! 

  • Great I might try to get there Friday afternoon, hows the weather?

  • So will we find out the start time of the marathon today, from the meeting or will we have to wait till after the conclave for the start time?

    I'm off to Rome tomoorw - still not knowing if i am running the marathon or not - Would be nice to know one way or another. someone please put me out of my misery!!!!

  • Paul - no update so far. They should decide today. I'm keeping an eye on twitter to see if anything pops up.

    Forecast looks good for the weekend. Yesterday the forecast said rain on Sun whereas now there's not a drop in sight.

  • Arghh - the suspense!!!!! Does rome marathon have a twitter account? - I need to get with the times!

  • Comes to think of it - I dont speak Italian, so not much use anyway! Duh!!!!

    Thanks Molly any update would be appreciated

  • I wouldn't expect a decision to be made today - the cardinals will be in Mass all morning so there will only be one vote this afternoon, which will be negative unless there is a massive shock result! I wouldn't expect them to be in a position to make any decision until Thursday or so however am happy to be wrong.

    Paul, I think on twitter, they are Maratona di Roma - they tend to post two updates - one in Italian followed by an English translation.

  • Kirsty - I was referring to the  desisional meeting with the Municipality and the Prefecture of Rome to see where we stand with the Marathon.

    Not expecting a result on pope election until Wednesday eve / thursday morning (hopefully even later - like after sunday)

  • Oh yes - Kirsty thanks for the update on Twitter being in english and italian! - no need to brush up on my Italian now!! Ermmm.....

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