Rome Marathon 2013



  • Decision Made - 2pm start in case of Enthronement, 9.15am start otherwise but with diverted route


    A decisional meeting about the Rome Marathon starting time and racecourse took place this morning with the Municipality and the Prefecture of Rome.

    Start is confirmed from Via dei Fori Imperiali in any case.

    The day of the Enthronement of the new Pontiff will be announced by the Holy See after the election.

    Racecourse and starting time of the marathon will be set according to the day chosen for the Enthronement ceremonies. These are the 2 official options:

    NO ENTHRONEMENT (either Conclave still ongoing OR first Angelus of the new Pope)
    Marathon start at 9:15/9:30 am, from the Colosseum (via dei Fori Imperiali). Classic racecourse, without St. Peter’s Square.

    Marathon start at 2:00 pm, with a different racecourse. Start from the Colosseum. Neighbourhoods included in this option: Ostiense, Appia Antica, Ardeatina, Laurentino, Eur, Marconi, Portuense, Testaccio. Finish by the Colosseum.

    As per the RomaFun, in case of Enthronement, the course will be cut to 2 km, otherwise 4km, still in the very centre of the city. In both cases the RomaFun is confirmed for March 17 and its start will be straight after the marathon, from the Colosseum.

    The RomaFun Village is also confirmed in the RomaFun finish area.
  • 2pm start is much much better than 4pm as will allow more people to participate who have to leave that evening - Paul, do you reckon you'd still make your flight with a 2pm start time? Shame the route sounds like it will be completely redone though, but I think it sounds like the best possible option in the event it clashes with the Enthronement (still hoping it doesn't though as morning start and published route would still be my most preferred option!)

  • Kirsty - that would be a real shame about the route but at least Paul will be able to make it. i'm sure they MUST know when the ceremony is going to be, you can't just say to Obama & co "you must pop over to Rome tomorrow morning". There's got to be somebody planning already.

  • They have just confirmed on their facebook page that the diverted route for the morning race is ready for release and the brand new route map for the potential afternoon start will be finished later this afternoon. Both new maps will be released on their website within the next few hours. However they have confirmed that the new afternoon route is even flatter than the morning's route with fewer turns.

  • Yeah - this is good news! 2pm start means I should be OK - i should complete it in just over 3 hours so that leaves 3 hours to get to the airport as my gate closes at 8:25pm.

    Might have to get a taxi, and might be a bit smelly on the way home with no time to change or shower.

    Thanks everyone for all the news updates on this - It has been a really knowledgable discussion board, with some great insight!

    I'm back in the game!!!!!

  • Kirsty - I've done the diverted morning one before as a few years ago it was Palm Sunday and we avoided the Vatican area, that's pretty much the same. As for the new one, the areas you mentioned are the outskirts of Rome, it won't be the same image

  • Only slight problem i have now - is that i have had no taper because i did not think i would be running it!!! Ive done 36 miles in the last 3 days - eeek!

    What do people recommend now - no running till sunday????

  • Paul - yeah image and you still may get to run in the morning so you can go home smelling sweetly. if it is in the afternoon put a bag of wet wipes in your bag so at least you can freshen up a little bit.

  • Paul - rest, rest and rest. if you must  - easy three miles on Friday aft when you get to Rome.

  • Hurray Paul! I'm so pleased for you! I would do nothing between now and Sunday to be honest. My last run was Saturday and haven't been out at all this week so far as my ankle has been playing up. Lots of ice and rest and seems to be much better today but I don't want to risk aggravating it so just going to take the whole week off running. Planning on doing some sightseeing on Saturday so will get to wake my legs up them wandering around some of the sights.

    And don't worry about being smelly on the plane - you've just run a marathon, you should get an automatic upgrade to first class for that!

  • Thanks Molly image- see you at the start line (not literally obviously as i have no idea what you look like and there are 16000 people on the start line)

    I'm resting now - imagezzzzz

  • Thanks Kirsty - Im a very happy sausage! Normally I would do a 5 miler on tuesday and 3-4 miles on thursday and thats it in my final week. I will take you advice which i agree with and do nothing till sunday - Hard work has all been done now!

    Volterol is very good at getting inflamation down - It works on my running niggles (mainly knees) - Hmmm first class image Not sure Sleazy jet does first class!

  • Oh that's not good if the new route is all on the outskirts of Rome - I was doing it because of all the hype about the course and how amazing it was. Gutting....

    But that aside quite relieved that the different routes will be up soon, as flying out on Friday and wanted to get all printed off so my other half knows where he is going.  Although if route all on the outskirts of the city may just say to him go off and do whatever he wants and pick me up at the finish depending on how easy it is to get around.

    Why on earth can't they just make a decision on this why on earth it is so hard?  Honestly I was not anti the Catholic Church until now...

    Thank goodness my next overseas one is Berlin - with German efficiency sure they would never allow this kind of disruption to their race. 

    2pm would be an okay start, did Stockholm a few years ago and that was a 2pm start and was okay - mind you the 30 degree heat was not, but the start time was.  Certainly better than 4, as by 7 my belly would kick in it was dinner time, and by 9.30 body would be wondering why still out running as it was bedtime.



  • Amanda - fingers crossed it will still be morning, it is (normally) an amazing course. Unfortunately the Vatican State is completely independent and so powerful, the Italians  have to adapt I'm afraid.  My next overseas is Berlin too.


  • Yes very powerful, far too powerful.  Shame they can't just go round the Vatican but do the rest of the course as per what is agreed.  As why I feel about the church at the moment I'm not particulary bothered about anything to do with them. 

    I'm just going with the fact they have said it will be flater course if new, I'll just put music in and have to go with the flow - perhaps it will have less cobbles as well so there might be possibility of a PB.

    I just wish they would decide it's all the uncertainty that is getting to me,

    You are doing Berlin as well - suckers for punishment, it's my second attempt at Berlin - broke my toe a few weeks before last time but as all the flights, accommodation etc was paid for we went out for a holiday.  Always said would go back as was unfinished business.  That really is a possble PB course.

    Think I can say with total certainty if they do the B course, I will never be going back to do Rome marathon again.

  • Amanda, does this mean you'll be the one person not wearing a Nun's outfit

  • Amanda - I've never done Berlin so I'm really looking forward to it. After Rome I've got Manchester, not quite as exotic! I know what you mean about uncertainty, they should just say "the ceremony will be on Sunday as by then we'll have a new pope". The bets are on that he will be chosen on Thursday.  It would be a real shame if you didn't come back to Rome. Fingers crossed it's morning then it's better for everyone. I've already paid for my coach ticket which is non refundable and leaves at 5.30pmimage

  • Berlin is the most amazing city, so quite happy to go back again - otherhalf loved the place so fortunately jumped at the chance to go back. 

    Yes definately that's the bit that annoys me the most, make a decision, just could never imagin this being allowed to happen for the London marathon, imagine our Queen deciding to do a big event on the day of London, would never happen.

    There are so many wonderful places to go, this will be my second visit to Rome (but first was as a child), but my impression of the place is not great and I'm not even here.

    Oh no, coach at 5.30 ekkkkk you have to be super quick even it is starts at 2, is there a later one or is it too much money.

    Another thing, considering how wealthy the Catholic Church is - as this is all their fault they should be stumping up the cash to enable people to change flights, stay another night etc etc. 


  • EKGO - hehehe no definately not wearing a nun's outfit, I was hoping for devine intervention to get me round in a PB, but now think I'll rely on myself. 

  • Just to put a spanner in the works- if they alter the course, will the distance be accurately determined? This happened in Hull last year - the course got altered at the last minute, was classed as 'Not accurately determined' so PBs didn't count, and more worryingly for some, their time didn't count as a qualifier for other marathons. I'm not running it - I'm a marathon newbie, only done one, so far ...
  • BAR - I read about Hull, that was awful! It is a "gold label" race so it will have to be measured correctly otherwise it'll be taken off them. Famous last words.....image

  • That's so bad, must confess not expecting to get a good for age on this course so will not matter to me.

    But just seen on facebook that they have said if later start there will be a 6 hour cut off.  Not sure what the cut off time was before think I've read somewhere ealier on this thread it was 7 hours - surely they cannot do that.  If you were a 6hours plus finisher you can't just suddenly run an hour quicker - that would be alful.

  • Amanda - It is a bit rotten. I've seen quite a few powerwalkers that do in 7hrs. Surely, what difference would it make to hang around an extra hour?

    I don't really think it's a GFA course (well the usual one anyway), I'd like to try in Manchester (nice & flat).

  • Really feel for these going round in 6-7 hours - ekkkk you can't just up the pace and get round quicker.

  • Big swing in the odds.

    More than 4 days now favourite.

    For anyone interested - link below

  • I like the odds getting longer - I'd prefer 9am start.

    Not sure how much I would rely on odds after seeing 20 people have bet on bono from U2 and 5 people have bet on berlusconi to be the new pope!!!

    Molly and Amanda - Berlin is my favourite marathon - fantastic!
  • Black smoke, the wait goes on....

    Hope to be landing in Rome late Thursday morning and then I'd like to get the Expo out of the way in the afternoon. Then scope around the city for a few days and perhaps take in St Peter's Sq to savour the Papal atmosphere.

    Struggled with an injury this week that has meant no running. Could be shin splints of some kind but I've had it for a month now and it has gradually got worse. I probably shouldn't be running at all let alone 26 miles! Anyway this lack of running has made be gain just under half a stone - oops.

    Keep the faith everyone, whatever happens this weekend it's going to be a historic adventure and may not happen again for 600 years!
  • The bets are on in my office..I've gone for O'Malley. I don't expect a name today though.

  • There's No pleasing some people... not naming any names, but some seem to like winge about anything...!

    Weather update.

    Got soaked yesterday in a rain and hail storm, had a coat but it soaked my jeans too, I was frozen. Unless you're very hardy, don't imagine the run is going to be bathed in sunshine and scorching, it could be, but bring some warmer and or water proof running gear. The rain isn't constraint drizzle like in Britain, it'll be dry, then from no where a torrential downpour image

    By the way, Rome's not exactly flat! Depending on where the route goes there could be some nice surprises!

    I'm putting a bet on AmandaTW as the new pope! image
  • Hola! I just printed off my confimation letter with the bib number. Does anyone know if/where we can view a starting list? I can't seem to find any information about the starting blocks. Ta!

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