Rome Marathon 2013



  • Still no word on the "Plan B" route? I thought an update/map was to be posted last night?

  • Great minds think alike - I just posted a message on their facebook page asking if the revised maps were available yet. Will let you know if they reply.

    Keep checking the weather for Sunday - some sites say it will be dry all day and others are forecasting light rain. Seems quite changeable at the moment. Saturday looks like it will be dry and sunny though so nice day for sightseeing!

  • Never having run Rome before, I can't belive my luck - what were the chances of a Papal election happening n the same weekend. Bit disappointed about the route change as I was looking forward to running through St Peters Square.

    I gues we're all in the same boat though - it'll be alright on the night - hopefully not literally!


    I'm, also doing aris, Brighton and London next month. I did Brighton and London last year, so I know what's in store there. But I had read that Although Paris is lovely to run, its badly organised - toilets, drinks stations etc - can anyone shed a bot more light on this?


    Good luck to all this weekend - when in 26.2 miles!

  • Terrible typos - sorry!

  • Organisers have just replied to me re the new maps - they will be released later this afternoon as they are doing the final measurement of the revised routes this morning to ensure that they have been accurately measured.

  • Amanda - I've just seen you 'nuns outfit' comment. Made me laugh a lot - I think you should go for it. x

  • Fiona - according to the website the marathon route doesn't go through St. Peter's Square anyway:



    Hopefully the diverted route (if it happens) will take in most of the major city sites. 

  • Coadybum - I did Paris in 2011, I thought it was excellent, drinks galore, choice of Tshirt size at the end - although I didn't need to go the loo so i can't helpè you there. Paris is well worth doing!

  • Hi Dirty - I thought it did....well I guess it def wont now! lol Rightly or wrongly, I try not to look at the routes too much, just in case I put myself off.


    Thanks though.

  • Thanks Molly for that info. I'm really looking forward to Paris, more than Rome. Good to hear you had a positive experience.


  • Paris is supposed to be an amazing marathon, everyone I know who's done it comes back loving it, so enjoy Coadybum, actually can't believe I'm saying this but enjoy all three.

    Fingers crossed the maps come out soon, be good to have all of these printed off and ready before go out there.

  • Hey Coady, my first marathon experience was Paris 2012 so I have nothing to compare it to. I thought the course and the majority of the organisation was excellent but the lack of information pre race re baggage, start pens, toilets and pre race overcrowding in these areas are the only criticisms.

    Maybe this is common pre big marathon, but I've never seen so many people of both sexes peeing anywhere they could! Street, bushes, open grassy areas. Also in the pens there were puddles running down the slight decline and I didn't think it was sports drinks!

    My money for pope is on Dougal from Father Ted! Imagine...
  • I'd love Dougal to be Pope - brilliant idea.

    Thanks for the info on Paris. That's what I had already heard - EEEEwwww. I make you right, I bet it wasn't sports drinks either!

  • Thanks Amanda, hopefully they will all be memorable in their own way, even if Paris is for all the reason mentioned by Turkish2 - hahahaha.


    Viva Le Sports Drink!

  • Well we're no wiser so far, the Pope-Factor is still ongoing. Colleagues in Rome say that Friday we'll have a new Pope which means there won't be a ceremony on Sunday after all this faffing.

    It's not just the marathon that will be affected, but the Roma football match will be called off too.

    Saturday it's going to hectic in Rome with all the rugby fans, it'll be a fantastic atmosphere.

    I'm off to Rome on a course tomorrow morning so I'll see what the temperature's like. One thing's for sure, I don't do shorts unless its over 25° as I've got horrible sausage legs!

  • Register tomorrow, Hadrians mausoleum on Friday, and going to Ostia Antica on Saturday, so I should avoid all the crowdsimage
  • White smoke - don't think it's red Indians.

    Think we have a result!
  • Can't believe it's so quick! Wait for the date confirmation now...

  • Yippy white smoke.


  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    made it to Milan, so is it a 4pm start? think I'm catching a flu bug though...

  • "He will be officially installed as pope on Tuesday."

    Does that mean enthronement on Tuesday? And a 9am start on Sunday?!

  • Dirty - yes!!image Sunday he'll do his first Angelus which means 9.15 or 9.30 start and in the centre (apart from Vatican area) yeahhhhhh!!!

    by the way, re my previous Pope comments - I'm about as useful as a wet towel, I got everything wrongimage 

    ADG - oh no! Take some paracetemol!!



  • ADG - snap! I've had a raw sore throat since Tuesday - worse today, hurts when I swallow and nose is feeling stuffy. As long as it stays off my chest...

    I think Pope Francis is already my fave ever Pope!

  • YAY!!! POPE FRANK!!! image Really chuffed for this weekend! Flying in tomorrow, Rugby game on Sat (will stay off the Guinness...maybe..) and then Maratona madness on Sunday image

    I think I will wear a running has the most pockets for gels. Hopefully the weather is ok! It will be my 2nd ever marathon. A bit nervous!

    What are people wearing? TIghts vs. shorts/skirts? Flats or normal runners? I was thinking to wear my Mizuno Mushas but I am a bit concerned about the cobbles/crappy road conditions.

  • I've read with all the cobbles wear shoes with maximum cushioning, I always know that have habit of wearing too many layers, you will get hot.

    Sooooo happy 9.15 start, map is up, can plan now. yippy.

  • Normal gear shorts and tee-shirt with standard Asics

  • Should be dry and mild weather til at least midday...I just hope it doesn't rain! I guess I will stick to my normal runners thenimage Have only ever run a half in the Mushas, will save them for a 'smoother' race then!

  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    Confirmed for a 9/930am start with no changes to the route!!!


    I think it's because I spent two days walking round in that snow for two days in Paris. Paracetamol and food is what I need,


  • I'm wearing just my normal running shoes and a vest on top. It's forcast light showers on Sunday, but if you get as hot as me, it might be quite refreshing - as long as it is light!


    As for those of you with the dreaded flu symtoms - dose up big time and rest as much as you can this late in the day. I had it 2 weeks ago and it really knocked me out for days.

    Good luck everyone - we are all determined enough to get to the start - we all have the grit to get to the finish!    image

  • Hmm, just shoes and a vest, Coadybum? Might be worth getting a last minute flight to go and watch!
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