Rome Marathon 2013



  • HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Actually - that could a smidge chilly. Oh, alright - bottoms too  image

  • Touched down at the hotel about 11.30am, bite to eat then off to the Expo. It is a bit out of the way if you are staying central or north but if you are used to the underground or buses in the uk then it is easy to locate.

    The Expo itself wasn't as appealing as Paris or London, which I attended with our kid last year. The layout is a bit disjointed and today it was v quiet but registration was swift. If you take the tube you appear in the of an enormous industrial estate and you ziz zag your way from the tube station to reach it.

    Lovely day weather wise today and good news about the start etc.
  • Quick question - will I be ok bringing my gels on the plane in my handluggage? (Not paid for hold). I've put them in my clear bag of mini toiletries but am now paranoid about the security people taking them away and having to try to find replacements in Rome on Saturday! Also, will they take my tupperware of porridge oats off me?

    Am packing and suddenly got worried!

    Flying crack of dawn in the morning - excited now!

  • So..... After all of the comings and goings, everything stays the same. All good.

    Unfortunately on a personal front, I am in football speak, 'extremely doubtful and face a late fitness test'.

    The achilles injury that I picked up last Thursday hasn't really improved and I don't thimk it will.

    I fly at at 6.15 in the morning and am going straight to Expo.

    I am going to have a run on Saturday morning and make a decision then. Obviously my Saturday will be very different if I do or don't run.

    If I don't get the chance to say it before the day, Have a great day all and enjoy this fantastic city.

    I hope to tell you all how slow I was on Sunday afternoon.


  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    took nurofen and all seems well so looking good...beautiful place Milan but we had a couple of close escapes with the lowlife scum...shame for the city to target tourists, scare away the tourists and we won't be back you know!

    I'm staying close to Coloseum and have no idea where the expo is, can anyone post directions?

  • ADG wrote (see)

    took nurofen and all seems well so looking good...beautiful place Milan but we had a couple of close escapes with the lowlife scum...shame for the city to target tourists, scare away the tourists and we won't be back you know!

    I'm staying close to Coloseum and have no idea where the expo is, can anyone post directions?

    By train from Termini or Tiburtina Station take the Metro B direction Laurentina and get off at


      "Eur Fermi".
  • So excited now. My flight is early tomorrow morning and I can't wait.

    Come Monday, we'll all be comparing notes on what a great time we all had.


    Ad2502, I really hope it all goes well for you. It would be such a shame to not be able to run.

    There would be no better time than now to pray for some divine intervention!!! image

  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    thanks for that ad2502, remember you can run really slow and keep low so as not to aggrevate an injury, always best to start and see how far you get imho. I've not ran at all since last Friday's 18 miler, but the aches in my legs from all the walking I've done must equal about 50 running for the week!

  • Hi I wondered if anyone who has done this one before could say whether it is a good idea for non running partners to come to the start area too? Also at the finish how organised is it and again whether there is a obvious meeting point?

  • Ditto Alan P, my missus has similar concerns and not the best sense of direction!

    I'm running with my phone to keep in touch with her and try see her a couple of times. Although I think she will become bored and disappear with my credit card!

    Ps I like the bibs having your name on the front and a small country flag, nice touch.
  • Alan/Turkish

    At the finish there's only one way out which is in Via Cavour and all friends/relatives wait around there usually. Basically after the finish line you get your medal, your chip is taken off, you get a silver cape, then a  plastic bag with a bottle of water /apple etc then the Via Cavour exit is on your right. The luggage lorries are usually straight ahead. A good place to see someone straightaway is "Altare della Patria" which is not far from the start but you get a better view.

    I'm very worried now, the Pope distracted me from remembering that I haven't trained. My Mum died suddenly 3 months ago so I didn't run at all for a  few weeks then I've only done 1 x 18miler. I'll be happy to get round in one piece.


  • Kirsty - you're ok with gels, it's max 100ml x item and total of 1000mls. If you forget them, you'll have no problem buying them at the expo

  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    made it to rome...good luck all! is anyone excited?

  • Yeah you can buy gels at the expo but they're ???2-3 each!!!!! I shall be buying sweets tomorrow.

    I have must watched a re-enactment of Julius Caesars murder, complete with senate, Roman Legionaries, pretorians and roman public, it was awsome! Btw the legionaries were proper re-enactment ones, not those Berks who hang around outside the collaseum and look nothing like soldiers!
  • Lardy - half of them aren't even Italian! Unfortunately gels are dear here, I order mine from the UK online and even with delivery costs they still work out cheaper than getting them in Italy! Have you been to St. Peter's Square?

  • I won't be running - MRI this week revealed a stress fracture of the heel bone image Good luck to everyone running and if any friends or family need a number and want to run, let me know!
  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    not good news kareng,

    expo tomorrow, heading out to see some night sights...

  • Karen what a shame, hope you get better asap

  • Yes I've been to St peters "circle"! Lol wasn't prepared for how big it was though, much more impressed than I thought I'd be. Really not that impressed with the colleseum, the Palatine hill was far more impressive! I was quite lost for words up there... so far I've been to six museums, 5 archaeological sites and walked endless miles through cobbled streets, both knowing where I was and completely lost! Lol

    Bad luck Karen, hope you get better soon.
  • Molly, thank you great advice.

    Karen, feel for you hope you recover soon enough. I've been carrying a calf injury for 6 weeks, gradually got worse. Went to a physio on Weds, says I'm lucky I haven't a stress fracture yet due to severity of pain! Advises not to run a mile let alone 26.

    I'm on the start line then ill see how it goes, playing it down a bit for the Missus as she would be angry at me running if she knew. No running for 4 days now but plenty of walking around this amazing city for past 48hrs.

    Agree Lardy those dressed up in the street are woeful and probably con men. BTW everyone, we had a really good attempted con played on us. Car pulls up convincing man asks for directions to Vatican. Says he's an Armani designer, talks about his English wife, offers my wife Armani handbag as thanks and "better than giving it to locals" he says, worth 800??? not in the shops yet!

    Then says just needs petrol money covered and asks for ???60 as compensation for handbag. That's when we twig and politely tell him no, he knows we know and drives off at speed!!
  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    seriously worried about going out and about in Rome after Milan to be honest. Milan is the first city I've ever not felt safe in, and it looks like Rome could be the same. Milan they follow you and push against you with hand out as if offering to shake hands, they won't leave you alone and grabbed my daughter's and wife's wrist and put a piece of coloured string saying it's for luck from Africa then they wouldn't leave until they handed over 2E...two girls followed us onto a underground train, one heavily pregnant (NOT) tried to grab my wife's hand bag, then she put a large pump bag to block view, I spotted her and shouted, my wife felt it and moved away, then the girls jumped off just as the doors closed empty handed...they attempt to sell you a book or a flower and smile and simply will not leave you alone until you shout for Police, they eyeball and follow you, we went for a lift and a man followed us, that's just a few examples... it's such a shame for a beautiful city. Keep your eyes peeled people! It's dangerous out there.

  • Wtf...compltely different experience to me so far, I've felt completely safe in Rome at all times, day and night down alleys and main roads, maybe I'm naive, maybe its because I'm a swarthy, single, bigger than the locals male, uglier too lol

    I don't know, I ignore the beggars, no ones offered me anything except an umberrela, I ignore them too, I walk straight a cross zebra crossings like the locals, no one bats an eye lid...

    You must have victim stamped on you just need to figure out where?

    You don't dress like an American do you? image
  • I'm in Rome! Who else is here? Sorry I went away from this forum but having had to have 6 weeks off, my return to running followed a different path. I've managed a few long runs, max was 3h 15.

    I am super excited and honoured to be here regardless of how tomorrow turns out!

    Off to the rugby later!!!
  • Sorry to hear about your injury Karen, hope you recover rapidly
  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    of course, it's our fault! we must look like tourists! think we stick out like sore thumbs, I've got my wife and daughter who's 23, really is like we attract them like flys. and they are talking about sitting in the hotel tomorrow. we'll see how today goes.

    good to see you back ami. think my longest run was just short of 3 hours.

  • ADG, seriously get out and about, it's an amazing city. Just like any world city there are people out to try and ruin your Hol but as long as you are aware you and the family will be fine.

    We actually laughed off our attempted con with the Armani guy, as although we were suckered in with his patter when it came to him asking for money, then i think anyone would perk up and realise it wasn't right.

    We've had 2 full days of walking and sight seeing and loved it with no issues.
  • Does anyone know where to pick up number? How long are they open for today?
  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    did touristy stuff today and all seemed fine, it was Milan I was on about, Rome does seem a lot safer.


    Ami you had to pick it up at the expo which was close to a station I can't remember, probably too late now and you'd have to contact organisers.


    Almost time guys...good luck all

  • Good luck everyone, enjoy it.

    I've reassessed my 4hr target to get round in one piece to get a medal. I've had a bout of man flu come on today and spent the majority of the day in bed shivering, sweating and aching! Not the best preparation.

    The Missus is not happy at all that I am going to try and run it, she is concerned, rightly, that I may make myself very ill. But then she doesn't fully understand the effort of 4-5 months of training and the elation of finishing.

    I'll see how I get on, I may not even leave my bloody bed in the morning!

  • I went to the expo, got my number, bag and 2 t-shirts!!

    Best of luck everyone xx
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