Rome Marathon 2013



  • Mark - what are the cobblestones like? I've heard they cover the first two and the last four kilometres around the coliseum. Are they killers on your ankles or not as bad as people say? (Am hoping for the latter..)

  • how many people run Rome? not sure I fancy london because of the 35,000 entry...

  • I think I read that this year there were about 12,000 ish runners?


  • oh, ok, thats not to bad then..

  • Entered Rome this week. It will be my 4th marathon and I am hoping tp break 5 hrs. Best so far is 5,15.

    Took my wife to Rome for her birthday last year and thought it was a beautiful city.( Lots of Grafitti though??)

    Already excited to run around all of the wonderful landmarks. London could learn from it.

    I currently run 20+ miles a week and am starting a 20 week programme at the end of the month

    Good luck to all and I will keep an eye on this forum over the coming months

  • 10 miles today. Don't feel too bad either. Which marathon programme are you going to follow Ad2502? I haven't sorted one out yet.
  • Tekky, I have sort of cobbled one together from my previous marathons.

    I like to get a half in by about week 5 and a longest run of 22 miles in week 15.

    I am a real plodder and just like to get miles in the bank. I will probably do about 450.

    Have you done a marathon before?

  • Hi Ad2502. Yes I did one a few years ago in about 4:10, but I haven't done anything at all for at least 3 years other than put on about 2 or 3 stone. My ambitions this time depend on whether I can get rid of the weight or not. I only started on October 1st and I've done about 40 miles in total so far. I was going to look for a 16 or 18 week programme given that we've got 22 weeks to go. Good luck with your training.
  • Hi guys,

    I'm also thinking of running this; will be my first marathon. Just wondering if there is any one in Reading or Berkshire doing this?

    As I'll be heading over on my own, can anyone recommend any organised groups? The official one seems to be 2:09 but they charge ??699 and that does not include flights or collection from the airport!
  • Hi Ami. Sorry nowhere near you. I also looked at 2:09 and as far as I could make out, they just charge you 4 times the price of booking the same hotel yourself and then leave you to it. Completely bizarre. I'll just organise transport and accommodation myself I think.
  • Thanks Tekky. I'll probably end up doing the same!

    There are some 18 week running programs on that website put together by a former London marathon winner.

    I've also got a training app on my phone & will try to get a few halfs in before the Rome. Barcelona is on the 17th of Feb and Paris on the 3rd of March (my sister lives in Paris so accommodation is not a problem for that one image)

    Will keep an eye on this thread.....
  • Hi ami, 2 things really, and as a new comer to marathon running, any one in here can tell me I a wrong, but can only speak from experience.

    I am 39, started running seriously 18 months ago, have done lots of 10 k races, quite a few halfs, PB 1.47, and have just done Chester as my first marathon. I felt it was the perfect race for a first marathon, not to big, not to small. I had been thinking about doing London, but probably won't. After all the months of training, I think I would be frustrated and disappointed if I was in a race with 35,000 other runners. If are serious about running, as opposed to just doing one marathon, I would suggest doing a race that maybe only has up to 10,000 runners.

    The second thing is, I personally don't think there is much of a substitute for miles in your legs! I will run more during training for my next marathon. Eat well, booze less and sleep more. Simple!
  • Hi Scott,

    Thanks for the advice. I'm 35 and started running seriously 18 months ago too (I had run whilst at university and completed a few HMs) I've done a few 10ks, Wokingham and Reading halfs and plan on doing AVR Wiltshire early December. I tend to lose motivation in the winter months so hoping that races in Feb and March will keep me going. Fingers crossed December will see me run my first HM injury free and I'm hoping to bring my PB under 2 hours.

    I'll try to get earlier nights image
  • Thanks for the tip about the training schedules Ami. I'll take a look. Also, after seeing something else on here, I signed up to myasics which gives me a 4:38 marathon prediction. I'm not sure I'll follow its programme though.
  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    has anyone got their bib number/confirmation email or anything in the private area of the web site? They say they allocate numbers every 3-7 days.

  • I haven't done the doctors note thing yet, so wasn't expecting to get a confirmation email.

    My training is going well though. I'm planning on doing a 5k time-trial every week or so in order to guage my fitness. I've done it all out from day 1 (yep, I'm that mad), and have done 30:44, 28:58, 27:41 (6 days ago) and today: 26:00! It's amazing how quickly the fitness comes back. Oh and I've got about 40lbs to lose (lost 6 so far).

    How's everyone else doing?
  • I have had an email asking for my medical certificate and I have booked a doctors appt. to get it completed.

    Don't know if there is a time limit on getting things back.

    I have booked my hotel - The Heart of Rome. Good reviews on Tripadvisor.

    The hard part starts soon.

  • I'll take a look at the hotel Ad.

    Tekky I'm glad I'm not the only one! My 5k times have gone from 29 to 28 to 26 minutes in 2 weeks image I've got a 10k race this Saturday, interesting to see what my 10k time will translate too.

    I'm doing work in the gym too + yoga to really strengthen my core (abdominals are strong but not the core muscles image
  • Hi Ami. Great stuff. Be good to compare our training over the following months. I'm also doing a bit of cycling in order to get fitter without risking injury by running too much. Let us know how your 10k goes. I could do with sorting out some races but haven't looked into that yet either.

    From reading some previous threads on Rome marathon, I got the impression there isn't any rush to get the medical certificate back, as long as you do it at least a few weeks before the marathon.
  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    I did berlin and am still recovering...only 5 months to go for this one....

  • Hi all - how's the running going? I've been gradually increasing my distance over the last couple of months from 6 to 13 miles and am doing the Salisbury Half Marathon next Sunday - psychologically I wanted to know that I could at least make it round half way before I started my actual training plan. I've used a Hal Higdon 18 week plan and jiggled the days around slightly to fit in with my weekly club run and club track session. Starting my actual 18 week plan mid-November so will have a couple of weeks break between the Salisbury Half and starting the plan. Finding the mileage increase manageable at the moment but I'm sure that will change as it creeps higher!

    I haven't had anything through about medical etc but I'm running as part of a charity group so I imagine everything will go via them - although I told them I am part of an affiliated running club so hopefully I won't need to, from what I've read. Need to raise £500 sponsorship so concentrating on getting that done before Christmas if I can - got £110 so far...

    I only started running properly in January this year (previously had only done a couple of 5km races but nothing serious and only ever ran in the summer) so amazed to think that almost a year later I am marathon training - I didn't think I'd make it past March!

  • PS - I found this pdf online which outlines the route and pinpoints the main landmarks along the way so you know at what miles you'll see them. It also shows the elevation along the route - mainly flat but with a couple of inclines

  • Thanks for that Kirsty. There was one on the Rome marathon site but it's tiny and I couldn't seem to zoom in on it. To me that looks as flat as a pancake. Unless I'm not reading it correctly, it looks there are 3 or 4 climbs of 3-4m apart from that last one of about 8m. That's hardly Snowdon image

    Looks like we're getting a quorum on the Rome thread.
  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    there's a video on youtube of the whole course

  • Question for those who have run this before; my friend would like to know what the facilities are like? He is quite a fast runner; did NYC in 3.14 and the Stockholm marathon in 3 hours. He is tempted to run Rome but is a little concerned about how well organised this race will be. I said someone here will be bound to know!
  • Have just booked flights, hotel and paid for my race entry! Little worried about the cobblestones but excited to see all the sights on my way round.


  • Well done bobadee! I registered today!!! So its happening, wow!!! Will book flights/hotel. What day are people flying over? What hotels?

    I did my 10k on Saturday. 56 minutes. It was my first night race, over at Lee Valley Park in Hertfordshire. I'm starting interval training this week. Eek!
  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    kick started my training today with a cold miserable half marathon...can't wait till January's long runs 

  • Start my 20 week programme tomorrow.

    Looking forward to the structure of the training. Does me good to have it.

    Going to the docs in the morning to get my medical form completed.

    All systems go......

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