Rome Marathon 2013



  • Has anyone managed to confirm entry using athletics membership yet? My English Athletics card doesn't extend to March 2013...not sure if they would accept it.
  • P.S. great to see so many messages on here since starting the board, seems like we're going to have a good RW contingent. Anyone going for about 3h30min? I did 3h41 in Barca this year and 3h51 in Prague the year before...hope to keep the decreases up.

    Oh, and I seem to have entered Ironman UK for 2013 too, d'oh!
  • Hey ADG - I did a half yesterday too - my first ever one (Salisbury Half) and was amazed that I managed it in sub-2hrs! 1hr 56mins! Was so shocked (had predicted 2.10 ish) that I very nearly cried as I finished - thought I'd better rein back the tears at this early stage or there'll be a flood in Rome! image Two week 'break' now before official 18 week schedule starts.Am hoping for a 4hr 20 ish marathon time - does that sound feasible? This is all new territory to me...

    Alex - I am going to send in my athletics membership details once I renew it in January - the lady organising our group has confirmed that as long as the officials have it by a couple of days before the marathon, it's fine. And by the way - an Ironman??? I know a good head doctor...

  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    I'll be going for 3 45.

    Kirsty, I think most pundits say twice your half marathon plus 20 minutes, and that seems to work, but not in all cases,I had a slow HM in Jedburgh, some hills and I started at the back and averaged 8 and a bit mm, my hm pace is 7 and a bit and 8 and a bit is more like marathon pace. Been a tough but good year for me with 4 marathons done, 10 in the last few years Rome'll be my 11th.

    I put my Jog Scotland membership card in and they've not responded yet, not even a response to an email.

  • Well done Kirsty, very impressive for a first HM! I have the Bedford HM on 9th December and hoping for under 2 hours. I guess I'll have a fair idea of Rome time then. will proably be well over 4

    Well done Alex and ADG!

  • Kirsty what sort of times were you doing 10ks in?



  • Hi Ami - first 10km was in March this year and did that in 58 mins exactly - have got it down over the last few months to approx 53 mins.

  • Wow good work Kirsty!

  • Alex and all

    I am 46. 15 and half stone and only started running 3 years ago.

    This will be my 4th marathon and so far my times in order are

    5' 51 - Loch Ness

    5' 28 - London

    5' 15 - Milton Keynes - in unbelievably terrible conditions.

    It is a huge ambition of mine to go under 5 hours and hopefully with a bit of luck and a tail wind this might be the one.

    I will also be doing a lot of miles in training obviously

    I look forward to keeping up to date with you all over the coming months.


  • Nice first HM Kirsty! - I,d say a 4:15 is on the cards for you using the normal calcs that ADG referred to...roughly 9m30s/mile I think. Just make sure you build up to some good long runs during the training - I peaked at 22mi about 3 weeks out when I ran Barcelona this year...probably do the same again this time round.

    Ad2502 - seems like you're moving in the right direction with each race, hope you have a nice injury free training period! I had a prolonged bout of plantar fasciitis last year...a bugger to train on.

    What sources are people using for their training plans? I've selected a 16 week'r with an aim of ~3h30m. Just need to select a few HMs and longer races to provide some feedback along the way.
  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    from fb, looks like maratona di roma changed servers so are busy updating and organising a 10k so delays checking athletics cards.

  • Thanks for the advice re the 2013 athletics card - mustn't forget to send it in! There are 4 of us (husband, sister and bro-in-law) going over for the marathon. 2 of us will be aiming for sub 3.30. Hope to see you there!

  • Alex I notice you had problems getting this Marathon sorted with English athletics card, did you manage it, I'm having similar problems right now



  • EKGO - Was thinking of waiting until the New Year when the new EA card arrives before submitting - although haven't tried yet with the old one. May be worth a shot unless you've tried already? 

  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    I sent a sa card to them, they ignored my emails and posted on fb that they've changed servers and should get it all sorted soon. 

  • Hi all. Looking forward to running the Rome marathon in 2013. The route looks amazing I think the toughest section will be when we are up north of the city before we head back into the centre. I know Rome well so super excited to be running round such an amazing city. Currently clocking up the miles in my legs - any advice / tips? Looking to get as close to 3:30hrs as possible.

  • Just had the email confirming my entry.

    I sent my medical form about a week ago. Didn't think they wouldrespond quite so quick.

    It's all going okay for me at the mo. Early days though.

    Hope the same applies to you all.

  • I sent my medical note nearly 4 weeks, heard nothing image

  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    I got an email confirming entry but still no bib number or confirmation letter in the private area on their web site.

  • I got an email confirming entry too but nothing more. Ran a race this morning and have a new 10k PB of 51 minutes. Glad the speed work is paying off as I ran 10k in 56 minutes 3 weeks ago!
  • I know everyones said on previous years that the entry systems a bit naff, but it's still frustrating waiting. Especially if your medical certificate is of the homebase/focus/wickes variety...

    Well done Ami-s, you're 10k's about the same as mine 4 weeks ago, what time are aiming for, for Rome?

  • Hi Lardarse, it's my first marathon and I've been told to just enjoy it and not focus on a time. I guess somewhere between 4-5 hours is realistic but I'd be stoked to do it under 4! We'll see. What time are you hoping for?
  • Hiya, this'll be my 15th so I know a little about how my body responds image 3 months ago I wasn't training, so I was struggling to knock out 11:30 a mile over distance, i'm doing the Luton marathon in one week today, and i'm going for 4 hrs since training has gone really well and i've lost 24lbs (not such a lard arse now!). If I get somewhere around my target and don't crash and burn, i'll probably set my sights at around 3:40 as my pb is 3:41, it would be a nice birthday present as i'm 40, 6 days after Rome.

    Your time will probably depend on how many long runs you do, and how many you've done before, you're 10k time would get you sub 4 easilly, but only if you train well enough for the marathon.

  • Thanks Lardarse, that seems to be the consistent message. One of the club coaches has suggested that spring marathon runners should be getting the mileage into their legs pre January.
  • ADGADG ✭✭✭
    I'll be looking at end of January first half of Feb being the high miles, just hope it doesn't snow or get cold
  • Yes high miles during the training program, but a general level of high mileage runs is what you want all year, this is why you're better off running your first marathon after say 2 years of training so you've already got lots of long runs in. I've been looking at it more as a 7 month training plan with a mid point testing marathon, so my long runs started weeks ago.

  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    I think it's something like reach 20ish miles a week before starting a training plan for a marathon, so looking at a 16 week training plan you're looking at 6 months from scratch, and you'll be fine, all being well of course and everyone's different...and you won't get much faster than the firstmarathon, unless you change your lifestyle drastically and then train like a demon. Most of the training plans I've seen are far too much for a mere mortal who has to work and do real life stuff so should only be used a a very loose guide.

  • Where are people staying?

    I've booked in at this place -

    I can highly recommend this place -

    I'm flying out on Friday 15th and back on Weds. 20th.

    Waiting until the new year for flights. Hoping BA or Alitalia might have a sale.


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