Rome Marathon 2013



  • I have just seen that Ireland are playing Italy in the 6 Nations Rugby on Saturday 16th March. This will probably make a difference with the accomodation.

    Might be worth booking sooner rather than later if you haven't already.

  • Is anybody out there........

    Starting tp get a bit lonely on here.

    Just thought I'd let people know that my bib no. is in the personal area.

    16 weeks to go.



  • Hi all, just join RW. Im so excited to the Rome marathon. it il be my first mara-very nervous/excited. im thinking under 4hrs?..  ive only and a confrimation email/ but no 'bib number/confirmation letter', anyone know when these might me comming out?

  • Nothing in my personal area, not a sausage! Getting rather annoyed about it to be honest, shambolic.

  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    mine's there now to think about accomodation and transport, thinking about train across France.

  • Booked flights with BA flying out on Friday, coming back Tuesday. Nice long weekend! Even got the folks joining us!

    16 week training block starts tomorrow, although had a good couple of weeks solid running already - nice steady 11mi this morning.
  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    I've had a week off, did 3 mile on friday and taking another week off, no reason I just want to be rested up before getting into full on training.

  • I chose an 18 week schedule (mainly to allow for the potential of missing a week through injury or illness without unduly affecting the long runs) so am officially two weeks into the training now. Did a 9 mile run yesterday in the gale-force wind and rain, Drenched by time I got home and nearly got blown sideways into the sea at Sandbanks - maybe running along the sea front in that weather wasn't the best option!

  • I thought i had paid for the Rome marathon back on 2nd September and i now see that what i thought was a receipt for the payment is actually a 'payment denied' by my bank Cahoot and that i should contact them. Can anyone tell me what the process is for rectifying this in the registration process, do i try to make the payment again through the web site, or do a whole new registration. it's not the easiest web site to navigate.

  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    contact them on their facebook page, seems that's the quickest way to get anything done with any company these days.

    I'll probably loosely follow the rw 3 30 plan, one long run of about 20 miles a month will sort it though, I always find following the plans to lead only to injury.

  • Thanks, got it sorted.

  • I think I might sign up for it as my first marathon! image been training since August .. I Know it isn't long, but i'm quite looking forward to it..



    anyone from manchester looking for a "teammate" or anything of the sort to get there?

    looking forward to seeing you all there! 

  • I'm on an 18 week program, did 10 miles on Sunday. Is anyone running in the Bedford Half on 9th December?
  • Still no bib number and still getting emails asking for my documents even though ive sent them and to not resend them if i have! hopeless, and they dont answer emails. 

    But i'm going to Rome anyway as the news that Ireland are playing Italy that weekend spurrred me into action, going to be a lot less accommodation that weekend, and it's allready pricey! I'm making a holiday of it and going for 11 days, flights and hotel booked image

  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    try their facebook page

  • I went back to my personal registration section, and the payment document upload is greyed out, but the medical one still has a browse, upload option, so it hasn't worked despite numerous attempts. In the document section, what should you see when they've uploaded, does it change to say completed or does it just not let you upload again?

    I was trying to upload my medical as a .pdf, which was a mere 3.3 MB, tried uploading it again last night, left the page saying "uploading please wait" for 1.5 hrs and it still hadn't gone through! I reduced the image quality, remade the .pdf, now 206 Kb and still it wouldn't work.

    I've emailed it to them now...

    I'm on face-arse, but I never use it and pretty much hate it! If they can't respond through their offered channels I can't see how they'd notice me posting on face-ache to them?! image


  • lardarse,

    I had the same problems uploading my medical certificate.

    I emailed it and it was all ok. I received an email confirming that my registration was complete. The upload area is greyed out now.

    Think they came back to me about a week later.


  • Ok thanks for the info, i've messeged them on facebook and sent the same file again in that messege, i'll wait another week and see what happens. Planning my itinerary now image

  • Hi everyone, I've just signed up for the Rome Marathon...I'm very excited...I live in London. I'm keen to meet people who will take part in this event. My contact details are facebook: or my telephone number is 0 seven 931 eight 7 9586. cheers Ewa has anyone created this event on facebook?

  • Hey Ewa, welcome to the forum. If you're on Facebook there is an official Rome Group...just search for 'Maratona di Roma' and you should find it. Have you started your training yet?

    Did a 10mi race in Kent yesterday and managed a big PB, despite running the last 5mi into a heavy headwind. 1hr12m over four mins quicker than I ran during summer - very pleased! My next races aren't until the new year now - a couple of half marathons in Watford and Tunbridge Wells.

    Hope everyone's running is going well and staying clear of injuries. Has anyone tried confirming entry using their athletics membership yet as opposed to medical certificate? How did you get on?
  • Great running Alex! I just entered the Tarpley 20 it's 3 weeks before Rome and I had a 20 mile run scheduled that day so perfect, thought i'd run 2 miles comfortable, then race 10 (ish, maybe 13-15) then complete the rest at a comfortable pace to find a race pace for Rome.

    My medical certificate upload slot is greyed out now and I recieved an email saying all done just waiting for a bib number. Someone said to me "I hope the race is bettered organised than the website"... I tend to agree! lol

  • I finally got my Bib Number today after mailing the organisers directly

  • Need to do this; I havent sent a copy of my AC yet though. I did the Bedford HM today, 1:57. Quite a steep incline in parts, good fun despite the winds image

    How is everyone getting on with training?
  • OMG!!!!!!!!!! I'm in! 6690 so they put me in the start pen I asked for too as I changed it after running Luton last month, so they get a thumbs up for that image.

    What's your Bib number EKGO?

    Well done Ami, sub 4 for you in Rome then! image

    I did 15 yesterday, nice and slow as I think i'd been pushing the speed a bit too much in the week, i'm doing a different schedule to the previous 3 months and it's got me doing longer individual runs in the week, I think I need to chill out a bit and get used to the different mileage before I start going quicker, it's a long time until race day.

    ..I'm a little bit excited! Sod Christmas!

  • Actually it's only 13 weeks now!

  • Lardarse, my number came through 10041 but not sure about start pens etc, I can't remember as it's been that long since I first enrolled

  • Still need to load up my EA details to finalise entry. Keep forgetting! Managed to rack up just over 30 miles last week, learning to love the slow runs! I used to tackle them far to hard and end up knackered, injured or both.

    No races for a few weeks so consistent running over Christmas is going to be the key - even managed to endure 11.4mi on a treadmill yesterday...yawnsville!
  • EKGO, I couldn't remember either and as i'd asked to be put in a different pen, I found the info on the rules section of the website:

    Men •    Start Area “Top” – Bib number from 1 to 50             
            •    Start Area “A” (Elite) – Bib number from 51 to 600 (personal bests from 2:20 to 2:50). Maratona di Roma reserves the right to distribute a minimum amount of bibs at its discretion via a “wild card” in this Start Area.
            •    Start Area “B” – Bib number from 601 to 3000 (personal bests from 2:51 to 3:20)
            •    Start Area “C” – Bib number from 3001 to 7000 (personal bests from 3:21 to 4:00)
            •    Start Area “D” – Bib number from 7001 (personal bests from 4:00 on and Fitwalkers)
            •    Start Area “Top” – Bib number from F1 to F30             
            •    Start Area “A” (Elite) – Bib number from F31 to F150 (personal bests from 2:30 to 3:00).
            •    Maratona di Roma reserves the right to distribute a minimum amount of bibs at its discretion via a “wild card” in this Start Area.
            •    Start Area “B” – Bib number from F151 to F600 (personal bests from 3:01 to 3:40)
           •    Start Area “C” – Bib number from F601 to F1500 (personal bests from 3:41 to 4:40)
           •    Start Area “D” – Bib number from F1501 (personal bests of 4:40 or more and Fitwalkers)

    Yes Alex, nice and slow save it for your tempos.

    Just looking at the "marathon village", what we'd call the registration or expo, and I see Royal Canin are exhibiting, why is there a pet food company there?!? And Smart cars for that matter, sure i'll find some more strange ones as I work through them!

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