Rome Marathon 2013



  • Thanks LS I see I must be with the slow gang from 4:00 onwards which is probably about right

  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    did someone post 12 weeks to go??? I'm just on about 20 miles a week, I did take a few weeks off here and there because I was doing too much and the weather is cold and icey, pretty sure you don't want to slip and fall when running! need to start getting lsr's in pretty soon though.

  • 12 weeks is a long time, I have three marathons and a 40 mile ultra before then, so I might give the LSR a miss

  • Christ EKGO, that's why you're in the 4hrs plus I guess! I'm only just under, 3.55 at the moment, hoping I can get near or beat my pb of 3.41, so everythings going into this one race.

    ADG, yes 13 weeks and counting down fast! 20 miles a week doesn't sound much at this stage... I did the Luton marathon 3 weeks ago sunday just gone, and started training for Rome 3 days after, i've done two full weeks of my schedule now, but I was already marathon fit (second best time too) from 3 months previous training. Get running! image

  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    two hours on the treadmill yesterday, I'm not far off being race fit, just need to slip in a few long runs. My last one was Berlin, then a 10k a week later and a half a couple of weeks after that, took a week off a couple of weeks ago so all is well. Once the new year is here it'll be all go. Still no transport or accomodation either.

  • To be honest Lardarse it started out as 12 in 12 but it takes it's toll, my 5k time for instance has added 5 minutes. I need a break next year, maybe have three months off marathons to get a decent time in maybe for Chester next October

  • ADG I booked my flight with Easyjet, don't know where you live but that was the cheapest from a "close" airport to me, Gatwick, my nearest is Stanstead. £80.43 return, wasn't the cheapest flights either as I got an early going, and late back so as not to lose two whole days travelling.

    It will take it's toll EKGO I remember training for the 50 mile challenge in Kent and I was doing between 23 and 31 miles on a sunday for about 8 weeks, with a couple of step back weeks, you can't help but slow down. If you're not going for a time, but rather the challenge of multiple marathons it doesn't matter does it? I'm on 14 marathons now, and at least half of them I did just for fun, 3 or 4 with no specific training other than i'd ran another a few weeks before.

  • We'll be sharing the City with a few thousand Irish rugby fans as well I see (Italy vs Ireland five nations) I have my weekend organised already but I guess everyone had better book early

  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    planning on train and stopping off at a couple of cities on the way there and back

  • That sounds cool! But i'd never been to Rome before and don't know when or if i'll ever go again! So i've booked 11 days there to make a holiday of it.

  • I've been before and it's an amazing place, I have been to many places and it is still the best for me. My advice is get a hotel withing 5 minutes of Trevi and you won't need a cab, bus or anything for time you're there, it isn't cheap to eat and drink, but I suppose you just have to accept that. Some of the suburbs where you find the lower priced hotels are not really that inviting but the centre is fantastic.

  • Everythings booked, i'm 1.5 ml south west by foot from the Colosseum, two tube stops. I've never got a taxi in my entire life, I don't think i'll start now. I planned on eating as I do now, from the supermaket, I can't imagine pasta being that expensive in Italy?! image

  • For those that haven't submitted their EA confirmation yet I have a useful template from UK Athletics which I think you could usefully adjust with your own details to finalise entry. I submitted mine to the website today, will let you know how it goes...happy to email a copy to those that need it.

    Happy Christmas to you all!
  • Hi Alex, would you email it to me please?! Thank you.

    Rome is a beautiful city Lardarse. I first went there in 2006 and loved it so much! The gelato, the pasta! The people are lovely and just the sheer beauty of it.

    My training has been consistent although with the icy weather the track has been closed so I've missed a few speed sessions. I managed a sub 2h half marathon in Bedford a couple of weeks ago. Despite winds & a steep hill that just seemed to go on, I came in at 1:57 and was thrilled. I got lucky as there were 2 Bedford Harriers who seemed to be maintaining a steady pace so I just tagged behind them & never let them out of my sight.

    I have a 15 mile run on Sunday. First time I would have run that far. Nervously excited. I will be in Dorset then for a family Christmas & will run along the coast.

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!
  • 12 mile training run in the rain.....

  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    8 mile yesterday, 10 weeks to go on Sunday so time to jump onto a 3 30 plan from rw. I've averaged 15 miles a week over the last 10 weeks, that's off 4 marathons in 2012. No injuries and am raring to go, two lsr's in January and February and I'll be good to go in March.

  • It nearly the New Year image Let hope we all have a good one! Is the Rome Marathon easy to enter. Or is it like London and New York you never get a place image

  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    first come first in.

    Jumping onto the Hal Higden intermediate 1 training plan at week 8 starting Monday. Anyone else on this?

  • Traveling Runner, no restrictons but it costs more the longer you leave entry.

    ADG, i'm on week 7 of the up to 55 miles per week P+D schedule, 18 miler tomorrow, first 20 next sunday. I slightly abreviated the schedule to 16 weeks to allow for an easy week and a half after running the Luton marathon. I used Hals beginner schedule (slightly tweeked for mileage) for luton as I hadn't trained really at all for a couple of years, only doing the odd 5 mile run here and there, getting fatter by the day! I used this time to ease back into marathon distance. My new schedule is quite a leap in effort levels and as such i've missed a couple of targets (tempo times by seconds, that sort of thing) but overall it should still be a big improvement.

    Hope everyones getting on well, not long now!!!!!

  • Hey guys, I'm limping on my left foot. From what I've read it sounds a little like a metatarsal stress fracture. Meant to be doing 15 miles tomorrow. Seeing a physio on Wednesday and on their cancellation list if anything comes up soon.

    I went for a 13 mile run Sunday which included the steepest hill, anyone know Portland in Dorset? Kicking myself now, going down it was worse than going up it although that was an endurance test in itself. I knew I'd overdone it so rested until Thursday then went out for a 5 mile run. Pain started around 4 miles, really gradual but by 4.8 miles was quite strong so I stopped. Can't weight bare now. Hurts just above my toes. Anyone had similar?

    It takes a lot to get me down but yesterday after I totally erased everything on my iPhone (music, contacts, calendar, texts etc) and can't get on to iTunes yet, I let the frustration take over and cried!! I'm smiling again as I'll cross that finish line even if I have to crawl over it image
  • Hello all, sorry to hear you are injuried Ami-s image Keep us informed how you get on. My advice though so you do not lose the endurance is get in the pool and do sprints across the pool (as in running it not weight bearing) and you can keep your heart and lungs active. 

    I did a 6.6 Mile trail run very slippery and muddy. I had a great day managed 50 Minutes not at full throttle. So the steady state runs are starting to pay off. 

    I was running with a Marathon runner who will be in the 100 club next year at the Greater Manchester one. His advice was to keep it steady and listen to your body when it needs a rest take it. He also said make sure you bank a 20 miler early then cut back a week later, just to test how you feel. 

    He made my race enjoyable, I ran a reasonable time relaxed if I raced it at full throttle I do not think I would have been much faster. Just goes to show image


  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    I'm very wary of these training plans because the people who follow them are usually the people who areinjured all the time. Hal Higdon's has a decent length run every week with 7ish mid-week which matches almost what I'd do anyway. It's just something to follow and keep up the mo-jo.

    ami...Not sure about foot injuries but I hope it'll be a case of 'slow and low' till recovery, of course it might be more serious and pain is a way of your body saying stop! I think if it doesn't hurt do it, if it hurts a bit do it slow and low, if it hurts a lot don't.

  • Oh dear Ami-s! Lets hope it's a sprain of some kind rather than a break. It wouldn't be good to run a marathon with a stress fracture, you'll end up being out of action for months!

    ADG- did you mean me with the P+D? I'm not worrying if i don't follow it religiously, just listening to my body, I am guilty as charged of currently running all my runs slightly too fast and must slow down. But I think that's the result of recently losing 2st, it feels easy so i'm doing it, but probably am not really ready for it. I ran my pb off a P+D schedule 4 years ago this spring, so i'm hoping it'll work again.

    Have you entered Rome then Traveling Runner?

    I did 7 today with 8 x 100m strides.

  • Hi guys, I managed to get a physio look at my foot today. He said he would expect more swelling and some bruising if it were a fracture. The only thing consistent with a fracture is where the pain is and the intensity. I'm booked in again for Thursday. It's rest til then but swimming is allowed.

    Physio reckons I've irritated the pad. Says I have very flexible toes and where I have been trying to land on the balls of my feet as opposed to heel which I used to, its put pressure on them. Regular ibuprofen to reduce the swelling and physio said go back a few weeks in the program & build up the mileage again.

    I have a 20 mile race on 23rd feb so hope to get a long run in before then. I was really looking forward to tomorrow's 15 miler but I'll go swimming instead image
  • Ami - I had a bout of Plantar Fasciitis about a year ago and kept the legwork going using elliptical training machines, similar motion without the stresses and impact of running. Hope you get it sorted soon!

  • ADGADG ✭✭✭
    Maybe I over generalised lol not everyone following a plan gets injured.
  • My bib number for Rome is 2639..I notice this puts me at the back of the pack but my goal is a sub 3:40. Is being in the back going to spoil my chances of a faster time? 

  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    always crowded at the start but will clear out within a few miles, even the big races like London and Berlin give you plenty of space to stretch your legs once things get going.

  • Hi All

    Happy new year to everyone.

    Have been injured for 4 weeks and just got back out there today. I was really happy with how it was all going and had done 13 miles of a half when I felt asharp pain in the back of my right leg. Long story short.... muscle strain. Rest required.

    As an overweight 46 year old, I don't retain my fitness very well. I was pleased to get out there again today and do a little 4 miles.

    I m obviously behind, but have enough time to sort it out. It will be my 4th marathon and I have never had a completely injury free schedule.

    I think we all know our bodies and can sometimes listen to physios etc a little too much.

    Hope you are all going well and look forward to keeping in touch

    Happy running.

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