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  • That was meant to read "wasn't fractured"
  • Ami - I was just wondering the other day how you were getting on. Glad to hear it wasn't a fracture in the end. Are you still going ot be on track to run the marathon do you think? I'm sure you'll get back to where you were pretty quickly as it sounds like you've kept up your basic fitness. All the best with it.

  • Thanks Kirsty. I'm hoping so. Just taking it really easy as over 4 weeks later and foot still not quite right. Extensor tendonitis. I lace my runners differently, use kinesiology tape and massage and stretch the foot out after a run. I'm very nervous to push it. Sticking to a treadmill for now.

    The good thing that has come out of this is that my swimming technique has greatly improved. Honestly I was absolutely hopeless so I enrolled on an 11-week adult improver course. I'm the only one in the group and the coach is excellent. She has planted the seed of triathlon as she is also the tri coach. We'll see image

    Thank you for thinking of me Kirsty. I am so looking forward to meeting you all!!!
  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    my weekly miles are slowly increasing, 28,16,11,28,23,32,34. I'm taking it nice and easy, and should hit 50+ this week and for the next month I'll sit about 50 a week and start to get my pace down. LSR planned for Thursday, weather permitting it'll be my first  20+ since Berllin Marathon last September.

  • Training for Rome is going okay at the moment with an 18-mile run achieved at the weekend; however, I have been suffering from a painful left knee since I got a PB at the Inskip Half last week.  Hopefully, it will sort itself out over the next few weeks as I am due to run my first 20 miler next week.

  • Hello all, I've been following this thread since Oct when I signed up for Rome after receiving yet another VLM rejection top and crap magazine!

    This will be only my second marathon having completed Paris last year in 3.55 which I'm still smiling with pride at now.

    I'm knocking on the door of 40 yet I only started running 3 yrs ago after groin & ankle injuries forced me to retire from playing football.

    There have been some great tips and pieces of advice about training and Rome itself on here. I'm sure this will increase as the day approaches. There aren't many long runs left esp when you factor in a couple of weeks of tapering.

    I hope the recently announced repairs to the Trevi Fountain don't start until April onwards!

    Anyone else listen to audio books on runs? Apart from a few pod casts I can't run to anything else, except a good crime novel. Having music on puts me off running now. How strange?

    That's me for now.

    I'll carry on monitoring you regular posters and may come back with a Q or two in the coming weeks.
  • Wow - I just went out for a lunchtime 5km short run (as I can't make it to my usual track session tonight) and had to stop and walk home after 2.7 miles....I honestly can't remember the last time I had to stop and walk in a run. Made it through 18 miles no problem at the weekend; did club run of 6.7 miles last night all fine at a steady pace. Was well hydrated and had eaten a bowl of porridge two hours earlier. No idea why but as soon as I set out, it all felt too hard - was puffing and panting all over the place and felt like it was my first ever run - and then after about 2 miles, I started to get really bad abdominal cramps (like period pains but it's not that time of the month - sorry guys...). That's ultimately what forced me to stop and walk in the end - probably could have soldiered on if it was just the fatigue issue but the cramps made it impossible to keep going. I wasn't even particularly racing it - was faster than my longer runs obviously but nothing spectaular - I wasn't about to go breaking any records or anything! Hubby says to put it down to one of those bad running days, but keep thinking, what if that happens on the marathon day (I don't like having things like that out of my control - I'd rather understand why my body reacted like that today so I can plan for it or rectify it (do I sound like a control freak now?! Lol!),

    Anyway - just needed to get it off my chest to be honest as am now feeling pretty low. Have a hilly half marathon race on Sunday and today was my last run before then - not feeling confident about it at all now. Off to eat fish finger sandwiches with red sauce so I can wallow properly!

    Thanks for listening...

  • Sorry this happened but I think every runner will have a bad day. The crowd and adrenaline will carry you on the day. Take it easy with your next race, now is the time that runners tend to get injured especially newer runners.

    Enjoy your fish fingers, I suddenly feel hungry!!
  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    sounds like overtraining, take some days off. I've just done zero miles for 5 days then today did a tough 16, half uphill in high wind and rain...totally knackered now though lol

  • First twenty miler tomorrow morning... eek!

  • Likewise! I have a hilly 19 miles to get through.

  • Has anyone who has run this race before or any of you Maratona virgins found any information about spectating? The missus is worried she will not see me at all and she will get lost along the route in the crowds. Or is this info available at the expo?

    Training going great at the moment... However I am off on a stag weekend on Friday! But I'm taking my running gear with me and hope for a couple of short blasts.
  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    good weather tonight, did 5 and a bit in 8.45 mm average, 16 tuesday and 16 sunday both at high 9s so going well. I need a few more longuns, only did a total of 16 last week, two runs of 8.

    As for meeting at the end, at every city marathon I've done it's chaotic at the finish so make a prearranged meeting place and make sure you're realistic about what time you'll be there and make sure you can find it easily don't make it a bench or a street light it's surprising how everything looks different after 26.2, add an hour to your predicted finish time so you can recover enough to make it there, a lot have A-Z for surnames and they're great for meeting up.

  • I haven't run or watched it before, but I have been told not to expect crowds anywhere near in the region of London etc - I think it's well supported but there will be stretches where there are minimal supporters as the Roman's aren't fanatical about it. Although it is extremely likely that the entire catholic church will be in Rome that weekend electing a new Pope so it may be busier than previous years! Typical!

  • Just picking up on that, is it just possible that the election/ inauguration of the new Pope might disrupt this year's Rome Marathon? Any thoughts/ information on this? Should I be "running" this past my local priest?

  • Hi Bex

    Last I heard was that conclave was provisionally arranged for Friday 15th March and it usually takes a couple of days so very high likelihood that the Pope will be elected the same day as the marathon - which means the part of the route that goes through St Peters Quare might be a tad congested! Or diverted... Although I heard a few days ago that they were considering bringing conclave forward a week to the weekend before the marathon so allow the new Pope an extra week settling in before Easter week starts - nothing released from the marathon organisers about planned or potential diversions to the route, but I would certainly expect the city to be noticeably busier than usual (add to the mix the Ireland Vs Italy 6 nations rugby match taking place in Rome the day before the marathon - it's going to be potentially a very mental time to be in the city!

  • Thanks Kirsty & ADG for previous advice.

    It's going to be an interesting few weeks in the build up.

    Being a catholic myself (not a regular customer though) I am hoping to be able to catch the excitement of the race and the papal stuff as well!
  • Thank you for this helpful information.

    Sounds like I had better keep a watchful eye on the Rome Marathon website!


  • Wow - start of the three week taper - how did that come round so fast? So close now - don't know whether to be nervous or excited. Did my second 20 miler on Saturday morning - managed to get round the whole thing and keep more or less within my hopeful marathon pace (as this is my first marathon, I just want to firstly finish and secondly come in under 4.30 if poss so tried to keep my pace between 9 and 10 minute miles). Finished it in 3.15 so happy with that. 

  • Has anyone yet managed to find out where the cobbled areas are and how long they last for? I was told it was 50% cobbled but I can't believe that!

  • Not gate crashing, just interested to see who is going to Rome!  Envious, I did it last year - awesome..!  bit bottle necky in places, cobbles mostly at the end, not sure how many KM's but a few for sure, very narrow streets too.  So much to see, so many people (in the way) and it was quite warm.  I loved it, hope to do it again, but this year it's Paris for me.

    Enjoy everyone

  • Not sure if people have seen this or not - announcement from committee re election of new Pope and potential disruption to the course - was posted on their facebook page today:


    The Rome Marathon organizing committee informs all runners that the potential variation of sections of the racecourse depends on the schedule of the Papal Conclave and the consequent decisions of the Prefecture of Rome about public order and security.

    Three events may affect the Rome Marathon racecourse: the day of the election itself, the Enthronement of the new Pope and his first Angelus.

    The College of Cardinals will meet on March 1.

    We have developed several modifications of the racecourse and are ready to implement them should need arise.

    We will immediately inform you of any variation that may occur.

    None of the Institutions involved has talked about postponing or cancelling the Rome Marathon 2013.
  • That's very ueful to know Kirsty. thank you

    fingers crossed that the race won't be disrupted!


  • Thanks Kirsty, really informative update.

    I also completed my 2nd and last 20miler on Sunday and it feels good to be in taper time. I was very disciplined on sun and wanted to go faster in the last 5 but kept it constant.

    Fingers crossed (or say a prayer) that the 5 months worth of training for Rome will still be used out there.
  • So what a weekend, we have the Marathon, the usual pre-easter rush to Rome, the Irish for the rugby, the Italian rugby fans, just about every Catholic Priest, Cardinal and Bishop in the world, and a Roma vs Parma football match on the Sunday evening. Should be a nice quiet weekend in Rome 

  • EKGO - bring it on! image

  • Don't forget St Patricks Day - I have a feeling Rome may have more Irish than Romans that weekend! I think we deserve a Guiness or two after running 26.2 miles...

  • ADGADG ✭✭✭

    did 16.5 with some steep hills today, about 2mm down on mp and felt pretty good, running a half on Sunday with a target time of 2 hours against my pb of 1 39 and intend to run an extra 6, probably 3 before and after to make it a decent lsr; then I just need to find a couple of 20+ milers and I'll be long we got left???

  • With just over two weeks to go, has anyone still not sorted accomodation? Just curious, as I'm notorious for leaving everything till the last minute....except in this I was organised.

  • This has just been posted online:


    After this afternoon's summit held by Enrico Castrucci (President of the Rome Marathon), Gianni Alemanno (Mayor of Rome) and Alessandro Cochi (Councillor for Sports of the Municipality of Rome), and after consulting with the Prefect of Rome, Giuseppe Pecoraro, the Rome Marathon date has been confirmed for Sunday, March 17.
    SHOULD THE EVENT BE CONCURRENT WITH THE POPE'S EHTHRONEMENT CEREMONY, the racecourse will not be changed, and the start postponed to 4:00pm.
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