Know anything about electrics or electronics?

I'm planning an outdoor party for my wife's birthday and want to use my ipod dock but there is no mains power. I will need it to last about 4-5 hours if possible.

In leyman's terms, how can i do this without huge expense or engineering know-how?

Someone said i can use a 12v battery with an invertor, but to be honest I've no idea what that means. Can anyone help?


  • Try going to Maplins. They might have something there. They may even have a 12v battery with an invertor.
  • Depends how much power you need. Battery with an inverter (or maybe a computer UPS) will do it if it's a few hundred watts, more than that and you're probably looking at hiring a generator.

  • I predict a trip to maplins - thanks for answering my off-message post!

  • As an alternative, did you consider a cordless/ battery powered ipod speaker? You can still hook it up to your ipod and the sound quality may be better?

    Btw if Maplin don't have what you need, try a camping store.



  • Can you park the car near by and use the 12v power either from the cigar lighter or battery to run an invertor?

    Or see if any campers / builders can lend you a small generator - even an 650w will do.

    Like this:

    This would even run outside lights for you.

  • Yeah, wanted to avoid anything noisy or smoky. No to car, I don't think you can get 200 meters leads image
  • Know what? You're a helpful bunch. More replies to this than training plan queries!
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