Tomorrow (Tues 21.8.12) Richmond Park after work ride

Going for 2/3 laps RP tomorrow after work, starting about 5.30 - 6pm. Soupy's coming plus 1 and maybe a feller from my work. 

Bottom car park, all welcome, nice weather forecast. Gentlish ride but feel free to nail it and catch us up again?


  • I am off work this week and if it had been earier in the day I would be sorely tempted, but 5.30pm start makes logistics a bit difficult

  • She hates me.....image

  • No way, DB.  In fact, Barlos and I were taking the other week about an Oct Beginners Guide to the Surrey Hills that we would both come to, but we have not yet got our diaries together to approach you image

    I know weekend of 19/20 Oct is definitely a no-go

  • I am Cabbage Patch ten that weekend so that fits me. Hypothetically 6th? Before the lumps get too slippy and unrideable. Wonder who else we can coax out. Some stuff on another thread (shorter tri I think) about a reciprocal hill fest with oop North. If they get evil, we'll ask Smiffy for help???image 

  • Can't make it tomorrow Dusty, I'm doing a roofing job over in Kent!  It's all go for us pensioners!!  image

  • Pleasant litle hoon around the park with Soupy plus 1. Soupy doesn't scream downhill now and is getting quite the pro. And not far behind me.

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