I'm suffering badly. 12 weeks to my Marathon. No 20 milers under my belt yet. Tuesday afternoon - 5 miles then 12miles of walk run... Sunday morning set alarm for 6am - woke up was hotter than when I went to bed. Sunday evening - cooled off so went for 13miles - had enough at 9.5. Anyone else in my situation? Anyone worried or just relaxing hoping they'll be ok on a couple of long runs end of Sep/middle Oct.


  • I did 22 miles happily on Saturday.

    Just live up North - simples !
  • I did 15 on Sunday morning. Home by 10.30am but it was already warm and humid. But I've got a hm in two weeks, whereas you have twelve weeks to build up your mileage, during which time it is highly unlikely to remain warm.

    I wouldn't worry.
  • I'm thinking 12 weeks less 3 for taper leaves 9 weeks. 20miles every other week isn't enough for 5x20. I'll start worrying if I don't get 3 in.

    Anyone tried 20miles on consecutive weeks?
  • I've done it a few times Tim due to work commitments, I don't find it that difficult TBH. If you are worried maybe do the second one towardss the slower end of your pace? Doing the first on a Saturday and second on a Sunday would also give you an extra day in between the runs.

  • Your 20 miler ideally should be a long slow run. You can get by by doing back to back runs. Say 10 miles one day and same again next day. or 7 one day and 13 next day or vice versa.

    If you think you will be too tired to run the following day that is all in the head as you know that you will have had a nights sleep and some energy food in between your efforts. In any case it helps with mental toughness to run while slightly fatigued or  even a touch of DOMS.

    Remember most marathons you do will not be non-stop as you will have drinks stations at every mile if required.

    Good luck

  • This will be my 3rd attempt at the same Marathon (Rutland) I don't plan on stopping this time. There is a bit of a killer incline at 21miles which has defeated me on the other 2 attempts and once my pace was broken lead me to run 100m walk 100m for the last 4 or 5 miles. Drink stations? 3 plus 15cattle grids. Lol.

    I'm happy running 10s or 13s on consecutive days. I just know that 20miles+ is where I start to flag and would like to get a few more in this time. Previously I've managed 3 with only the last one being comfortable. I put it down again to heat.

    Looking around the forum, there are plenty of people training for ultras on back to back 20s. I'll relax a bit, today's weather has improved I may try a 15 tonight to get a bit of confidence back. Or at least 10 and add some if it is going well.
  • 20 miles on consecutive weeks CAN be done - but it depends on you. If youve had a heavy week anyway or arent used to 20 milers - then the second one may not go well. 

    If I'm running 20 I try to rest up the day before anyway. 

  • I ran 18, 20, 22 build ups for my last marathon and on the fourth week took it easy with a 14 mile 'long' run. You don't have to do alternate long runs. (Typically I train with three build weeks to every 1 easy week.) Oh, and 12 weeks is loads of time and yes the heat does slow me down also - it's nothing to worry about.

  • I'm in the slightly dying in the heat brigade.

    Further i've done is 12.5m  I have 8 weeks to go.

    Hoping to do 15m this Sunday.

  • Well, I think I can see where I've gone a bit wrong. I haven't done anything longer than a 10 since my last half marathon at the begining of July. Not sure exactly how that's happened and so much time has slipped by but I suspect it's contibuted. Nevermind. 13miles tonight, not in great style, was still too hot but battled through it. Will try another 10 on Friday night.

    Thanks all for your encouragement. There are a couple of approaches there I will try.

  • Booktrunk, report back on Sunday. I think I'm working but I may try a 15 Sunday night if home in time.

  • 20s in this heat is not a problem - slow down and drink plenty.  Don't try to run at mara pace if it's hot...  and weekend to weekend not a problem either if you are not running at race pace.

  • I did 18 on Saturday mid morning.  As others have said just go slightly slower and carry water.  I use a camel back.

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