Great North Run

Hello. I am looking for some help. I started training for the Great North Run and have just over 3 1/2 weeks to go. I only started training 12 days ago and am looking for some tips on getting faster as quickly as possible. I have been running since 1986 when I did my first Great North Run but never really train for it. Last year I trained for approx 1 month and did 1 hour 22. I want to beat that time but can't think how I got that fast so quickly Thanks


  • Jamie you have 4 weeks left so dont try and cram too much in at last minute, excellent time for little training, do you live in the North East?? I might be able to help

  • Hello. Thanks for your response, I just got an email today saying someone replied. That was a week late. I have managed to get down to around 6 1/2 minutes a mile over the weekend (honestly don't know how) so going well. Last week I couldn't get under 7 mins/mile


    Yes I am in Jarrow . The problem I have it due to having 2 small kids and working around 60 hours a week, I can only train when my wife isn't at work. Which leaves me about 7 hours a day to get training and sleep. I have to run either after midnight or get up at about 3am depending on what shifts I am on.
  • I am sending u a message mate
  • Can u email me at
  • I want to beat that time but can't think how I got that fast so quickly Thanks


  • I dont think Jamie Lyall realises what a talented athlete he is

  • I am just lucky that things seem to go right on the day

    A lot of it is in your mind, you have to just push yourself

    A little bit of training helps, even if it's just loosening your muscles off the day before lol
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