Pain in top of foot - not stress fracture


Im hoping my fellow runners are able to shed some light at all.

I have a pain on the top of my foot (near to the nobbly bit where your laces tie) that seems to hurt when I walk on it (but not so much as to cause a limp), and strangley seem to ease a little when running.

I've loosened my laces, tried wearing different shoes while running and during the day and have even rested it for about 5 weeks with no sport whatsoever and still the problem is there.

I've had a physio look at it who says it's not a stress fracture as it should get worse, not better, when im running. Also, he has poked and prodded it with no dramas at all.

Has anyone else had this and found a solution?

Thanks in anticipation!


  • Around the tendon to the big toe, or the ones to the other toes, or in between? I've got a lump/pain at the moment where the tendon running to the big toe crosses the tarso-metatarsal joint, as far as I can work out, and I think it might be a ligament related to that joint. (Mine's not a "pressure point" and it's not a stress fracture, and it's not the tendon itself. I'm strapping the foot before each run, for support in case it is the ligament(s), but with a piece of chiropodist's felt, with a hole cut from the middle, over the lump, so as not to put pressure directly over the painful area.)

    Tenosynovitis has to be considered (inflammation of the tendon sheath). Also unfortunately all the joints around that area - there are a number just there, depending on exactly where your problem is.

  • Hi Cardboard,

    I was looking for a simiilar ailment on this forum and saw your post, as I am experiencing the same sort of pain on the top of one foot. It started out higher up (in my ankle) and I attributed it to wearing silly flat summer sandals with no grip, and since then have taken care to wear supportive shoes (e.g Birkenstocks) or trainers at all times.  At first I didn't worry about it but it's been there now for about 6 weeks - it hasn't got worse but it hasn't gone away either.  Oddly, I am the same - the pain eases whilst running but feels worse after running or when doing any sort of squats, lunges or calf stretching etc.

    I'm running a marathon in 8 weeks and after being injured in my previous marathon, I'm determined that this not hamper me, so I'm off to the physio on Monday.  I hope your pain has improved/healed and that perhaps you have found a solution by now?  Do let me know if you've got to the bottom of it!

    All the best!

  • Hi Wendy,

    I still have this issue and have no idea what it is! Did your physio manage to sort it out?

    Apologies for this late reply!


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