Cant Run in The Morning?

Hiya i was just wondering why i cant really run at all in the morning without getting stitches and such things but in the afternoon its usually fine and i dont get them! i dont know why this is because during the christmas holidays it seemed to work and when the winter next comes around i wil not be able to run in the afternoons due to it getting dark! 

So does anyone know why i have problems with a stitch and stomach stuff like that but in the afternoon no problem? also how can i change it to how it used to be?

Many Thanks


  • Do you run before or after Breakfast, as this could make a difference, other wise its just a case of getting your body used to running in the morning.

    I guess the other thing to think about is if you do races they are nearly allways in the morning. Do you do anything different for morning races than you do for training.

  • Thats an idea i may try before breakfast and see if that helps, also i agree i probably do need some time to get used to going inthe morning again.


  • I run in the morning always. I never eat before a run and hardly drink before. During week I run up to 6 miles a day due to time constraints but even on my big weekend runs up to 18-20 odd miles I do not eat. I tend to eat whilst running but all depends what you are training for etc image

  • I never used to be able to function, let alone run in the morning - I really struggled with breathing, stitches, and my legs felt so heavy. Since getting my dogs I take them out for their walk first thing, so I just got used to walking a reasonable distance first. Now I combine the two - I run with them, and my morning running is my preferred time. I usually run 3-6 miles a day. I think it's something you can condition yourself to, but up to certain distances. Above that, you do need some food inside you.

  • If I run before breakfast I will usually try and have a coffee or a glass of squash and a cereal bar or a poptart before I go so that I've got a bit of sugar in my system.

  • Thanks for all of the help everyone! i will try out what you suggested!  image 

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