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Just after a little advice

So far this year i've ran a half mara, and i'm now just going out 2/3 times a week doing 7miles or so each time. 

Its 10 weeks until the next Hellrun, could I do it ok?

Those how do/have done it, what do think? Is it good? A lot harder than a half? What were your experiences?





  • You'll be absolutely fine, I would say it's easier than a half IMO. The Hell part of hell-runner is bit over-rated, it's just a fun jaunt on a Autumnal day, up and down a few hill and through a few water features. I guess it depends partly on the weather, and how seriously you take it though.

    I enjoyed the run, however the most hellish part of it was the worst, most disorganised baggage tent I've ever seen, I would avoid using that at all costs. Oh and you might want to check double check the start times, last year they confusingly displayed two different start times for the one wave on their website, so some people started well after the rest of the field, genius .... organisation in the past has not been a strong point of hellrunner.

    I see this year they're having two waves which might make it a little less congestested, assuming they haven't just doubled the number of runners.

    With 10 weeks still to go you've got plenty of time to get in a bit of training off-road, and a few hill sessions, it will be a breeze! Enjoy!

  • Chimpster's spot on.  You'll be fine, the Hell bit is talked up rather a lot.

  • Depends which one you do, the Hell up North used to be 12 good miles, last time I did it in 2010, it was down to 8.5 and more of a fun run, you'll finish it, anyone could, and it's more of a fun day out than a serious run, the hardest part was getting off the Delamere car parks

  • You obviously haven't done Hell Down South?!

  • With 10 weeks still to go you've got plenty of time to get in a bit of training off-road, and a few hill sessions,



  • The hell runs tend to bottle neck at various bogs, steep ascents, narrow paths etc. so the pace you run them at is often considerably slower than other races. You'll easily get round. When I did it I actually felt quite fresh at the end as I'd held back so much waiting for the 'hell' part to kick in but apart from getting filthy, wet and having to run up some steep (but short) hills its not to bad.
  • limper wrote (see)

    You obviously haven't done Hell Down South?!

    Shhh , don't mention the Nov 2010 event when people were going down with exposure left, right and centre and found there was no shelter.  Oh and the portaloos froze up.

  • the hardest part was getting off the Delamere car parks



  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    done hell down south about 5 years if not more, and partly agree with whats been said.
    You'll easily get round, if you race it I'd say its harder than your average halfM, but if you run it with a 'social' head on then its easily manged. True, there are a few bottlenecks, unless you are near the front. I've raced it several times and out front there were hardly any hold ups. Hell down South has a mile or two at the start which is flat and wide so the runners spread out quite efficiently.
    I personally think its best enjoyed as a fastish 'fun run' but will still be a good workout.

    The Hell bit is, as has been said, weather dependent. I've done it on a warm(ish) autumn day, but also in frozen weather, when the 'bog of doom' had floating ice.

    Not used the baggage stuff before, I just dump my stuff in the car and jog out to the start
    so can't really  comment on that. As for leaving the car park, well I've never had a problem. Slow maybe, but compared to comparable sized events (Windsor,GNR) its a breeze.

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