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I'm stepping up my training as I've got a confirmed charity place for the London Marathon next year. I want to start adding in some runs to work by getting off at Stratford and running into central London a couple of mornings a week. I can shower & change at the gym opposite my workplace, but I need some advice on a good running backpack that will take my work clothes, purse, glasses etc.  A lot of them seem really expensive (£80) and I'm on a tight budget. Any advice gratefully received!


  • Have a visit to Decathlon at Canada Water. They have various running backpacks - I've been very pleased with this one, and it's more comfortable than more expensive ones I've tried. You might want one of their larger sizes though if you're transporting shoes.
  • The OMM 12 litre is available for about £30-35 online, I think. It's quite good.

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    I've got a Salomon Raid Revo 20l which is pretty reliable and has lasted well (the waist pockets have started to go, but it must be about 4 years old now).  I don't remember it being as much as £80.  It can take a change of clothes, wallet, etc.  My North Face hydration back-pack probably was a bit overpriced, but it's a decent female-specific cut and is pretty much in perfect condition still after 3 years. 

    This: looks like the current version of my Salomon backpack.  I know that £41 isn't super cheap, but it's not as bad as £80!

  • Another vote for the Omm 12, have a look at Cotswold Outdoor for it as they were doing a good price recently!

  • I have a Gregory rucksack which seems to do the trick fairly well, but the best rucksack will depend on your body shape so it's worth trying on a few at a running shop and jumping up and down a bit. It was fairly expensive, about £80 from memory.   A couple things to bear in mind are that running rucksacks aren't terribly breathable so they will make you quite hot so I'd tend to wear a layer less than I would otherwise, and secondly even a few lbs extra weight seems to make a big difference to how easy my run feels.   If you're planning on changing at the gym, it might be worth investigating how much it is to hire a locker there as my current commuting strategy is to leave clothes, shampoo, shoes etc at my locker at the gym the day before, then run in with a belt thing which carries keys, phone and oyster card. Alternatively, running home and leaving stuff in work tends to avoid the logistical issues of getting work clothes to the right place, but running into work is a great way to start the day and is actually quicker then getting the tube.
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    I've got one of the cheapo Lidl's backpacks and it's been really good. I think it cost £15. It just happened to come up when I was looking for one and I'd been researching the best ones around (being OCD and all that) and Inov8, OMM and Solomon all came up as good.


    There's quite a few threads on backpacks

  • I just bought myself an Octane 24 Camelbak which is fabulous, looks very similar to the first Decathlon one listed above, but cost £75.

    I'm running in to West London from Mile End twce a week right now - just wanted to give you a wave. 

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