Warm up?!

Ive read a few places that you don't need to warm up (depending on distance of run) Just wondering what everyone else does for short (up to 10K) and long distance runs?


  • The shorter races you definitely need to warm up properly.  For a 10k I would do something like 3 miles easy to steady and some strides to get the muscles ready and loosen up.  HM maybe 2 miles and some strides.  I've no experience of marathon running yet but I would think maybe a mile or so would be adequate.

    It also makes the start of the race that much easier

  • For local 5km parkrun I jog there which is about three miles at easy pace. For 10km or more I like to spend at least 20mins easy pace with some strides. Probably do similar for hm.

    If for some reason (i'm late) I don't warm up then the first mile it so is horrible. On a couple of occasions I've almost dropped out due to inadequate warm-up.
  • I think that's where I have struggled on shorter distances (5K) the first few mins kill me! Longer runs I'm usually fine on as the pace is generally slower at the start, so need to warm up a bit more, a mixture of jogging and stretching I'm guessing is best?


    Thanks for the replies!

  • For marathons I've never warmed up, first couple of miles are usually done at an easy pace, because I'm usually stuck in the middle of lots of people, to let the muscles get used to running.

    For half marathons and below I do a couple of hundred yards jogging but not much more than that. I'm not a fast runner so the race tends to get mine warmed up suffficiently.

  •  a mixture of jogging and stretching I'm guessing is best?




  • drthgs Colin wrote (see)

     a mixture of jogging and stretching I'm guessing is best?




    Is there an echo in here? image

  • For just about any race I do the same warmup. A bit of skipping and jogging on the spot with some arm and shoulder rolls to start followed by a few skips with knee lifts and a few heel to butt kicks too.

    I then will do about 4 x 60m strides at 80-90% speed. All finishing about 5 mins before the start.

  • Depends how fast you're running/racing I think. For a marathon or a half, I use the first mile or two as the warm up. I've run PBs by deliberately starting off slowly rather than warming up beforehand then tearing off at the start. For a 10K I do a bit of jogging then some light stretching and again take it relatively easy for the first km before speeding up. The thought of running 3 miles before a 10K race has never occurred to me before. I'm not particularly fast or competitive though. I imagine the folk who run 10Ks at 5-6 min/mile pace probably have to spend a fair bit of time warming up properly...

  • For Parkrun today ran around the starting  field for about ten minutes prior to start. I was warmed up so the whole run was easier.


  • Thanks for the replies! I've run 3 5Ks in the last 3 weeks (Speedwork for training for Cardiff Half) First two had 20:26 and 20:15, tonight I did a quick 2-3 min stretch and a 2 min jog (prob not enough) and done it in 19:41 - so I think it made a bit of a difference! I'll try a longer warm up next week!


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